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best nutrition results

Which diet program on this here site has delivered the best results for you guys for putting on lean muscle? I want to start a new eating regimen on Monday, the day I stop cutting. I am very skinny and now need to put on some more muscle, though I’d like to do it slow and without a load of flab. Any suggestions?

You may want to give Massive Eating a try.

Well if you are very skinny, you might want to try the Skinny Bastards Diet…I never used it before but if your skinny like you say you are…then I would try it. If you are worried about adding some fat…then I would try Massive Eating. This diet is probably more up your alley. Either way…you are probably gonna add a little fat though…

I have found that creating your own diet is the best way to gain muscle mass. You could follow any program and still not gain muscle, its because these programs are not made for everyone. They are generalizations, experiment. See what works for you. Another generalization that works for almost all people is eat every 2-3 hours with Protein in everyone of those meals. The amounts of Protein, Carbs, Fat is something your experimentations will unveil. Good Luck.

In my first year of training i folowedaregular high carb, moderate protein and low fat diet and only put on about 10 pounds on that year(in the first year you’ll probably put on weight even if you do everything wrong). On the folowing 6 months i put on 20 pounds(13 muscle 7 fat) on a 4000 kcals isocaloric diet. I’m now on a 30p,45f,35c diet of 4500 cals wich i think will work very well. When i cut(wich untill now didn’t happen that often) I do something T-dawg style, 70g carbs on training days and less than 50 on non training days(and add some cardio).

Ops, i meant 30p,45f,25c.

Massive Eating, I didn’t add any flab when I made wise food choices. At the time I also used the workout from “creation of t-man” article and during the bodybuilding portion I put on 5 lbs of muscle (used Androsol), no fat, so bodyfat % dropped about 1.5%. It wasn’t nearly as beneficial with lower rep training though.