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Best Nutrition Plan?


I know it’s virtually impossible to nail down one plan as the end all be all of nutrition, as everyone responds differently. But after reading thru just about every Berardi article, I’m slightly confused as to what route I should take.

I’m currently 215, about 15% bf, but would like to cut that down, while attempting to pack on another 10-15lbs of lean muscle. My diet is fairly good, but there are far too many cheat meals in there, so I’m determined to stick to a plan in hopes of seeing results.

Ultimately I’d just like some feedback from people in similiar (or not so similiar) situations, and what worked for them. If there are other great articles besides Berardi’s out there, please let me know. It’ll probably come down to a majority rule decision as to what plan of action I pursue.

Thanks for your time and assistance.

About the only thing I have to say is this: the best plan is the one YOU make. Fill it with good foods that you like and will be able to eat long-term. If you know Berardi by heart, then you’ve got a great idea about what foods to eat and when to eat them and how many cals to get to achieve your goals. Make your own plan from there. That’s the best advice I’ve got, but there are more knowledgeable types around.

Nutrition plans seem to need change much like training programs need change. There is no end all be all nutrition program for anybody. Try contacting Beverly International for nutritional advice. Berardi’s plans are great too, but the sample programs he puts out won’t help everybody. You would probably have to contact Berardi for an individualized nutrition program that would meet your needs.

I would recommend if your not already doing it, eat your P+C meals, and P+F meals, but never C+F meals. I have always done this pretty well, but never ate enough fat, I uptaked it to 30% recently of mostly good fats…in the last 21 days I have lowered by body from 11 to 6% in the Bod Pod doing this. I have been eating 3500 cal/per day and my body fat is going down!