Best No-BS Pre-Workout for the Money?

I am not a huge fan of pre workouts, how ever I work as a laborer doing landscape and construction so some days I need a little boost before I go to the gym after a day’s work. I usually mix some creatine into a cup of coffee and drink that. If anyone has a better solution or knows a good preworkout that works and isn’t too harsh on the wallet it’d be appreciated

Surge Workout Fuel, to make sure you’re properly rehydrated and fueled with good carbs to train, and maybe a NoDoz if the coffee’s not cutting it.

You specified a no-BS pre-workout, and most stimulant-loaded pre-workouts are precisely BS with a metric shit-ton of caffeine and other ingredients to jack up your nervous system and heart rate, and usually a few extras to make your skin feel extra-tingly and turn your face red, which “must mean it’s kicking in, bro.”