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Best News Story Ever




Lol, wow.

As a future corpse, I would have no issue with this.

In fact, I'd be fine with almost ANYTHING happening to my deceased, lifeless body as long as it's not a typical funeral. Fuck.


Wasnt there a southpark episode about this. SSC you sure you want to be violated after you die?


Saw this headline this week:

I raise you



Both stories are crazy. Nut jobs out there


That is the best headline I have ever read... even when stacked against my favorite fake ones.


Damn. Two guys partying with a corpse.

I was really hoping for a headline like "Freak Storm Traveling Eastward Floods Everything In Its Path With Blowjobs and Coupons For Free Steak!"


You'd have to replace "Blowjobs" with "Oral sex" then it really would be the "Best news story ever!"



I can only hope that after I die, my friends get into some Weekend At Bernies type shenanigans with me as one last hoorah.

But if they got into some Weekend At Bernies 2 shenanigans with me then I would have to haunt the shit out of them, cause Weekend At Bernies 2 sucks.