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Best Newbie Article Ever


I think this is by far the best article I've ever read for all of you hard-on-for-a-six-pack, manorexic, celery stalk munching twig boys who seem to be so confused about what to do in the weightroom.

Eat! Get stronger!




Good article=yes
best newbie article ever=no

How can you call an article the best newbie article ever when it does not even go into how to train. ie. proper technique, how many days to workout, full body or isolation.
Don't get me wrong it's a good article, but if a newbie were to read that would he really have the knowledge just from that article to start getting big??? I doubt it, he'd probabyl end up hurting himself since it does not go into training methods at all. But very good article none-the-less.


In my opinion, any program at all will benefit a beginner. Even the crappy ones from magazines that we make fun of. The reason most people don't get results is not because they don't have the best whiz-bang program, it's because they're diet is shitty and inadequate and they don't work hard enough.

I think the article is expecially relevant for the perpetually skinny abdominal addicts. All of life is a headgame, I just hoped this article could help get their minds right.