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Best Neurotype 2A Program to Repeat?

I’ve purchased and completed pretty much every program you have on your website, except for those that are not my neurotype. I did complete the type 1B and 2B programs, as they seemed like they would match my 2A profile (I actually originally read my neurotype results incorrectly).

I am anxiously awaiting the new type 2A neurotyping program. In the meantime, what program would you suggest I repeat? I am looking for functional hypertrophy results–strong, dense muscle. I was thinking of repeating conjugate bodybuilding, the power building training program, or even max muscle mass.

What would you suggest? Also, which is your favorite as a fellow type 2A?

Thanks in advance!

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As a 2A I don’t have a favorite because it really depends on what I get excited about. Long time followers will remember by gymnastic rings phase, where I did ring work pretty much exclusively for 4 months.

Right now I’m really into clubbell training because I see a good transfer to golf and it’s brand new to me (kinda hard to find something new after 28 years of training).

The new 2A plan will fit the bill. Give me your email and I’ll send you a beta-version as a thank you for your business.

Bonjour Christian,

As tu une date “officielle” de sortie pour tes nouveaux plan d’entrainement ?

Merci :slight_smile:

Thank you! That is so perfect because I’m ready to start a new program and was waiting for your suggestion first.

Email is: salmontesanti123@gmail.com

I always see Brooks Kubik talking about Indian clubs. Do you see any transfer to your strength training or is your intent primarily for golf purposes?

It’s too early to tell, only been using them for a bit more than a week.