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Best Needles & Injection Spot for Injection Every 3 Days?

I’m on testosterone cypionate 1 injection every 3 days I inject in my outer quads now and don’t have any issues with it but dr mentiond I could do subq if I want.what’s best intramuscular or subQ?and which needle size and injection spot is best for limited scar tissue build up I see some people saying insulin needs work really well but I need more specifics please thanks for any advice and some help steering me in the right direction god bless

Inject into the ventroglute. Its easy and always painless. 29g 1/2” needles work well. Wanna go bigger? Thats okay too. As for subq shots, dont experiment yet. Stick with your protocol and get it in IM.

I like 27 gauge slin pins in the delts.

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27g 5/8 inch into ventro glutes for me.
No issues

After trying a dozen different needle sizes and gauges I just settled on the ones my trt clinic gives me. 1” 23g in ventroglute or thigh. I inject once a week.

I rotate thighs and delts.

Need to learn vglutes really to have more sites.

Roating for me minimises scar tissue build up over time. Theres differing opinions on this- but in my head if you keep sticking a needle in th same place over and over again its gonna cause more damage than if you rotate 6 places and allow them more time to heel any micro trauma.