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Best Needle Size for IM?

Hi crew,

Just after a bit of advice on best needle sizes for a glute intramuscular injection.

I am currently injecting E3D and just want to make sure I am using the current needle size to draw and inject with.

I am 6ft 4 and about 110kg with about a bit of belly fat.

What is the best practice?


23g, 1 inch

Same size I use as well. So far I’ve used it successfully for glute, quad, and delt injections.

I have found that 25g 1" works great and is a little less painful than 23g.

I find every day injections with 1ml insulin syringes, and 1/2" 30 gauge needles work the best. Inject into the belly fat, with almost zero pain. Slower release into the body, and less chance of damaging nerves or muscle. Look into it if you haven’t.

Still doing it old school I see, I use 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads to minimize muscle tissue damage.

What length? I’m using 1” 23g and when doing quads and delta I leave a little needle out but it makes injecting without moving the needle in and out challenging