Best Needle for Twice/wk Injections

I am about 66/68kgs in weight (about 145/150 pounds). Have normal fat distrubution, with possible ‘slight’ female like thighs that could be a sign of prior high estridol.

I want to inject 125 (or 250mg) of testosterone enthanate twice weekly. Once on the monday, followed by another injection on the thursday.

I intend to shot HCG a day prior to the injections (wednesday and sunday) at 250iu.

I would prefer to minimize pain as much as possible. Can someone recommend the best syringe/needle combination for shooting IM (Thigh - outer side), this is the store i would like to use:

1.5" 23GA 3CC

Suggest #25 1" needles, but did not see those on that site. 2 or 3 ml would be good.

For the hCG, use a #29 x 1/2" .5ml (50 iu) insulin syringe or something similar. You might do better on 250iu EOD.

I use a 30G 0.5 inch for both test and HCG.

[quote]KSman wrote:
Suggest #25 1" needles[/quote]

Agreed – I feel practically nothing with these, and I beleive there is minimal tissue trauma.

See if you can find a place that sells them.