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Best Natural Test. Boosters?


Hello everyone, I'm 48 and trying to drop a few pounds and get into better shape it's been years since I've done any weight training.

My energy level is very low, If I have a low testosterone level what would be the best way to increase this naturally?



have you tried the Biotest store?, such products as TRIBEX and Alpha Male would seem suitable.


Lift weights raises testosterone. Or go see a doctor is you think it is really a problem. If you really want to buy something, get ZMA or TRIBEX from the Biotest store.


Thanks for the advice, not sure if it is a problem yet but I'll be trying some of the products mentioned and training more.

Thanks again


Lifting weights can also lower test.


Before you spend too much money on so calle d test boosters...rule out low testosterone first by getting bloodwork done. If it is low maybe you can figure out why it is lower than a normal man your age (ie stress, overtraining, etc). Or just have your doctor prescribe the meds you need like androgel or GH.

I think supplements are good for somethings but if they were effect at naturally raising test in a cost effect way, no one would use illegal steroids.

Look at other symptoms too. Is your libido low, do you feel like you lack some healthy aggression, do you feel "blah" most of time. If so it sounds you natural test may be low if not it can be many things. Either way at 48 a little extra hormone boost from doctor prescribed pharmacology would probably do you good.

Good luck losing weight and getting your energy back!