Best Natural Supp US Has to Offer?

I’m going back to chicago for a visit and i was thinking about picking upp some supplements. Any reckomendations to something natural (due to regular drugtesting) for strength gains that i can’t get in good ol norway? :smiley:


We do have some creatine, but im not familiar with BETA-7. Can i get it in stores? I’m only there for 2 weeks and wont be able to order anything.

I’ll just google it for some more info :wink:

sorry you have to order it.

Shoot. I have some american friends in wisconsin i can hassle to order it for me. I’m taking it as you’ve tried it?

Any other products that can be bought in stores to recommend? Anyone, i dont know if it’s taboo at the forum to speak of other products then Biotest’s, but if it’s not, please share them!

I would recommend you go to Kuma’s Corner (Belmont and California are the cross streets) for one of their burgers while you’re in Chicago. The burger with bacon and a fried egg on a pretzel roll is a brilliant creation. Plus, it’s a good atmosphere if you like metal bands and Belgian beers.

As for supplements, I can’t recommend creatine enough. It’s almost dumb to say that these days, given all the studies that have been done. But I think it’s wonderful stuff. Beta Alanine does, it would seem, help. BCAAs and protein are surely supplements you can get at home, yes?

If you can find Flameout, I think it’s a wonderful product. I think the higher DHA content is nothing short of a stroke of genius (that makes me feel like a genius).

I’ve been using Rhodiola recently, and I like it. I bought a big tub of it from another supplier, but I’ll probably get Biotest’s stuff when I run out. I just have too many powders these days…

Shoot… I’m trying to think of where you should even go in Chicago to get stuff. I always mail order my supplements, so I never bought any at stores when I was living there.

I know there’s a strip of supplement shops up in Boys’ Town (which is also true of The Castro here in SF, of course), but I can’t think of anyplace I’d recommend shopping. I think a lot of it is GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, and those places are kinda expensive. Maybe your friends from Wisco know a good discount supplier?

Anyway - enjoy your visit. Chicago in the summer is fun as hell!

Thanks. Non of them really know anything other than gnc. I lived in wisc last as a foreign exchange student to get some variaty in my wrestling, but all they ever used was no xplde… Didnt really like any of the products :wink: I’ll try to push some of them to find something for em :smiley:


It seems far easier to just order through this site and have the product delivered where ever you’ll be staying.

Doubt they’ll deliver to a hotel, but i’m not going to make a bigger fuzz of this. I’ill figure something out and if anyone feels there is a product that i will have good use of, just scream!