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Best Natural Plan - Question About Appropriate Rep Scheme

I may be overthinking this (or maybe not thinking enough), but I have a questions about hitting the right rep scheme for this workout plan.

I know that I need to have 1-2 warm-up sets to get my body primed and then only perform one working set in the 6 to 8 rep range following the given technique.

My question: What if, during my work set, I do not pick the right weight and I am able to complete more than 8 solid reps? Do I count that set as a warm-up and continue to increase weight until I hit that range? Should I be shooting for near failure? My past workouts have been more high volume style workouts and I just want to make sure I am pushing myself appropriately - this is a completely new way of training for me.

An advanced thank you to any advice given.

I would continue the set until you hit failure or close to it, even if that means doing 3-4 more reps. But it tells you that the next week you should add weight.

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