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Best Natural Means of Boosting T-Levels. . .


Just curious to see what anyone's take on this is. What I mean by natural, I mean without using anabolic steroids. What type of diet and supplementation? Thanks.




Great question and now that I'm in my 50's and feeling the symptoms, a top of mind issue.
Other than natural supplements like Tribulus and heavy compound sets with low reps, I don't know of any other means of keeping T on the higher end. You can spike it periodically but temporarily.

I know I've increased mine significantly after age 45 with just heavy compound sets and a good diet with lots of protein and good carbs. Without lab tests my signs are significantly increased muscle mass, fat off my trunk and chin, much higher energy level, a healthy aggression and positive outlook. For instance, I had a tapout session a few weekends ago with my son and his best friend just for the hell of it. One is my weight and the other is 35lbs lighter. Both out of the Army on leave. They were serious about pinning me and both of the little shits tapped. I would never do stuff like that when I was out of shape in my late 30's and 40's. For me alcohol, fast foods, dehydration, lack of sleep, unchallenging work, not working out with heavy ass weights, no sunshine on my skin and lack of sex are T killers. (That would make a good thread).

On the down side it takes twice as long to gain mass, sexual stamina is lower than 20 years ago, and gut burn (not heartburn) isn't as intense as in my youth. If anyone has T boosting suggestions outside of drugs I'm all ears.


Heavy lifting, lots of sleep, lots of good fats (whole milk, for example), and currently Alpha Male and ZMA.


Oh Ya - also consider buying a big fast boat, muscle car, or any other insane vehicle that scares the crap out of you and put a heavy foot in it as often as legally and safely possible. I'm not sure if that boosts T but it certainly keeps the Estrogen low.


I can second this. Every time I come back from the track (I like to take the motorcycle out for a spin now and again), I'm psyched up for at least a week or two, and it shows in my lifts. might be all in my head, but damn it feels good!


Right on brutha - I'm selling a sweet little Mercedes SL so I can buy a track car. It's like crack for old dudes. Something clicks in your head the first time you do it and you can't wait for the next track session.

Sorry for the hijack.


Even as a guy who's 20 years old I'd like to hear about any kind of natural test boosters.

We're all men, and even if we're not in the same boat now.


As a young gun myself, I remember reading somewhere that high rep back squats (and other compound movements) are great t-boosters for the over 50 crowd.


I'm only 33, but I can say for certain that TRIBEX and Alpha Male do it for me when cycled correctly, I use the LongJax formula from vitmin shoppe in between high does TRIBEX of Alpha runs and heavy lifting. But my favorite, sex and lots of it. I don't mean spanking it, I honestly don't think it has as a profound effect on free test as a extened sexual encounter with your woman. If she can't handle it everyday than you should too!


Anybody eat a shit ton of broccoli? I always have a nagging feeling that's what I should be doing. Isn't it like the opposite of soy(homonally)?


I did, but I effing HATE broccoli. Try eating it 6 times a day and you will, too. Can't stand the smell, don't like the taste, certainly can't take it that frequently. I just ordered some Superfood because I've really been slacking on the veggies lately.


Here's what Waterbury has to say about boosting T.



TRIBEX does work well and stack it with ZMA.


You need to start a thread with that name.