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Best Natural Libido Booster?

I’m 34, been training for 22 years, and have used almost every product out there. But I was wondering if any of you guys found anything good for boosting sex drive. Right now I’m using a product that has tribulus, epimedium, Long jack, dodder seed, saw palmetto, zinc, diindolymethane, chrysin, and calcium d-glucarate. It’s not working, and it almost seems to be inhibiting my libido.

The product’s not completely useless because it’s making me strong in the gym but very irritable and no sex drive. I believe it’s either blocking too much estrogen, or causing my body to create too much.
Anyone have any theories about this situation?

By the way, it’s giving me HUUGE cyst-like zits on my face. Which nothing I’ve every taken (even steroids) have ever given me.

It sounds like the product is boosting your testosterone but something else is impeding your libido. Maybe total T is high but free T is low? Too much sex hormone binding globulin? I am just spitballing since its been awhile since I’ve read up on this.

The “side effects” I got from TRIBEX were great. While I never had what I’d consider a declined sex drive, I was able to be “strong like bull” every time I needed it. It did take about a week or so to kick in, and I was taking it as prescribed. When I changed my consumption to what CT wrote about, I’ve had to go home for nooners instead of waiting for the evening. (not that the wife minded)

Finishing up my bottle this week, and will probably try Alpha Male next. To see if the results are better. I couldn’t directly attribute strength gains on TRIBEX, but will know better on my 2 weeks off whether it affected it.