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Best Natural Bodybuilder


in your opinion, who is the best natty bodybuilder


The Mighty Stu :slight_smile:


define Natural?


Ive always liked Cordova, I like Norton because of his work ethic. Jeff Willet is cool I like his physique a lot but he seems a bit fake to me. If were talking about pure physique I would probably say Willet


Brian Whitacre. last year at the worlds he came in bigger than the year before and kept the same condition. I was amazed that at that level those type of improvements can be made in that amount of time.

Also, he's a humble guy who stays out of the limelight and only shows up once a year to compete in the WNBF Worlds.


Layne Norton


^ I second that. I listened to a radio interview with him and he seems like a stand up guy. He's a college professor by day which I think lends a hand to the sport's stigma, many people seems to think bodybuilders are idiots. When in actuality it's usually the people that aren't really bodybuilders, but "bros" and jersey shore-esque that give the sport a bad rep.


Whitacre is a class act all the way. Gave me a lot of pointers (and compliments!) when I first started competing, even recognized me and came over to say hi when he saw me at a contest after my very first show. Like was mentioned, he doesn't feel the need to live the lifestyle in the public eye, but does it solely for himself, and obviously does it exceptionally well.

Other physiques I would put 'up there':
-Doug Miller
-Philip Ricardo
-Jim Cordova

These are guys not just with great genetics for the sport (small joints, full muscle bellies, classic proportions etc), but intelligent and agressive motivation to continually improve themselves.



I agree with all of the guys Stu mentioned.

I also am a big Layne fan along with Kurt Weidner.


Mike O'hearn is one strong natty mofo (800 raw squat 600 bench and 7xx dead if i remember correctly). he's also superman. hehe


Ade Rai and Skip Lacour



Serious. Pro-hormones were not dis-allowed for sometimes, if I remember correctly. Some require that only pasr X months/years be natural. So.. define natural?


Frig me, are they really natural?
wow, yep these guys are huge, I vote them


I always liked Skip, and respect the physique he built, but it's just a matter of time before someone brings this up, so I'll toss it out in case anyone wants to weigh in:

1-He practically lived on Pro-Hormones when they were legal (and admits as much)
2-He supposedly (didn't see the police report myself, just heard about this in several places) got busted selling PEDs, which doesn't necessarily mean he used them himself, but it is what it is...



AAS was not dis-allowed/illegal back in the "Golden Era". Does that mean Arnie was a natty?

There will be no concrete definition of "natural" but IMO if you have used pro hormones/AAS in the past (especially if it was prolonged use) then you are not a natty, no matter how long ago it was. (not like my opinion matters though


My favourite natural bodybuilder is John Cena.

Can you see me?




yeah i remember hearing the same thing, steroids or not skips physique is amazing!


man 90% of the names listed have had more cycles than .... (fill the blank)