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Best Mutivitamin

Aside from Greens+, which multivitamin are you guys using?

Ultra Preventative- Douglas Labs

Super Spectrum’s multivitamin.

Animal Pak, It’s smelly but seems high quality and has good bioavailability. Big pills though. Just like me! bwahahahaha, just kidding :frowning:


Lawn mower clippings

Vitamin Shoppe’s Life Essentials

Life Essentials from Vitamin Shoppe

Super Nutrition’s Opti Pack without Iron.


Each box contains 90 packets with 4 reasonable sized pills.

I just put some in my pocket in the weekend.

I always have a box in my desk at work and in my cabinet at home.

i take animal pak too. wouldn’t it be cool to know which pills have what in them? (“dangerous anti-oxidants” article by Lowery comes to mind considering how much they put in there.

animal pack or gnc mega men or optimum nutritions opti men seems good for me.


something called “formulary”

GNC Mega man

[quote]TVG wrote:
GNC Mega man[/quote]


if you are willing to spend $50, Andrew Weil’s Complete Daily Pack is pretty hard to beat… I don’t use it anymore because I don’t think it’s necessary but I doubt there’s a better vitamin supp out there

I recently started NOW Food’s Men’s multi called “Adam”.
Check it out, seems pretty legit to me

Bulking: 1 GNC Megaman cut in half, taken at separate times.

Cutting: 2 GNC Megaman’s taken at separate times.

Don’t use them, but I’ve heard (from reputable sources):

USNA (expensive)
multi+ from Genuine Health

Also heard that LEF is good but overpriced.

Multivitamins are sooo overrated, I really believe they are a waste of $$. Your best bet is some Greens plus or Now Phyto foods and a correct diet with 5-6 servings a day from Organic Veggies, 1-2 organic apples a day, 2 Tbsp of Organic Apple Cider vinegar, 3 tbsp Organic Flax Meal, 3 tbsp Organic Psyllium Powder, these all come highly recommended from Dr. Berardi.

Monster Matrix- awesome.