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Best Musician Others Don't Know About


Let's expand each others horizons. Talk about a singer or musician that is just amazingly talented but doesn't have a huge audience. Somebody you think other people should be aware of.

I'll go first...

Jerry Douglas. Well known in bluegrass circles, but outside of that not so much. He defines musicianship and excellence. See for yourself...


Jeff Waters

Amazing guitarist, doesn't get half of the fame he deserves



Bob Schneider. Personally I think he is one of the best songwriters of all time. His music is pretty simple, but the lyrics are outstanding.


My favorite that he has on his myspace is "the effect" followed closely by "40 dogs"



Canadian rapper CLassified:

Oh Canada(ode to the great white north)

Never turns out how you thought it would:





Next big Aussie rock band


More airbourne


And just to represent my own country, a new up and coming rock band, Midnight Youth

and a few of our good rappers





Paul Ortiz, Chimp Spanner.

He's a one-man band. I used to frequent a guitar forum which he would pop up on from time to time. Very humble fellow, and a very creative musician. His music is very akin to Tool, Meshuggah, and Dream Theater. I'm a DT fan, so that was my connection. He takes the really jumpy meters from Meshuggah's music without the over the top hardcore stuff. His first album, Imperium Vorago is very good.

Here's a music-picture of Clarity in Chaos


He sounds kinda stock to me, no offense. You might want to check out this guy:

Guthrie Govan

And for you instrumental guitar, fusion rock guys, you should check out my old teacher, Scott McGill. He's certainly on one of the higher tiers of elite guitarists/musicians. Incredible mind, and really nice guy. He also played with Grammy-nominated bassist, Michael Manring in MMS, McGill Manring Stevens.

Unfortunately it seems a bunch of his vids were taken down. This is still good though.


Another bunch of really cool guys from my area:

Guitarist, Shawn Christie is pretty John-Petrucci in style, but the music they make is a bit different from Dream Theater's.


Tommy Emmanuel
Mimi Fox
Eric Johnson
Neal Schon
Marty Friedman




Jon LaJoie FTW!


If you like dirty old authentic blues, see these two men live

Guy Davis
Eric Bibb


jah wobble


Are you serious?


Bah, not impressed, and I fail to see how it is more unique than what I've posted. The guy I posted has been lead guitar and songwriter in his band for more than 15 years now, and was the singer for a while. Even if this solo shows only shredding skills, his work has much more personality and is pretty unique.


This is definetly my favourite from Jon. :stuck_out_tongue: