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Best Music to have Sex to

Not neccessarily the best music to set the mood, but what’s the best type of music or band or song to screw to.

Slayer, Reign in blood. Or anything by Pantera…

Massive Attack’s album “Mezzanine,” hands down.

Closer…NIN; Carmina Burana…Pretty much anywhere symphony orchastra’s recording.

Lords of Acid is always good, preferably their earlier stuff.

U2's live version of All Along The Watchtower has a great beat to thrust to.

I had a girl make me fuck her to Kenny G. It sucked. I'm ashamed.

And who can forget, She Loves My Cock, by Jackyl.

Yeah MdlP i can imagine. What song man… I know “Good friends and a bottle of pills” than speed it up with “suicide note part 2.” than go to something like “walk”

Carmina Burana is amazing…but only if you can get ‘O Fortuna’ to repeat nonstop. If you’re looking for a little soul-shakin’, heart-breakin’, love-makin’ action then Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite or D’Angelo (forgot name of cd) gets two thumbs up. If you’re looking to bust some furniture and call the paramedics afterward, then NIN, Insane Clown Posse or Limp Bizkit (luv ‘Break Stuff’).

Pantera or Slayer is the only way to go…

Soundtrack for “waiting to exhale” or “joy luck club”…I hope you know I’m kidding!

im gonna have to agree that lords of acid are perfect to bang too. i like doing it to trance techno too. one time i banged this girl with mtv playing in the background, and i remember that i was humping to the beats of the songs, but she was so hot i cant remember what songs they were.

I’m not a big fan of humping to music. The one time Kenny G. was playing in the background, I couldn’t get it up. Other than that, I don’t care what’s playing, but I prefer making my woman make the music (if you know what I mean :wink: ).

massive attack or portishead do me ok mostly

“rebirth of cool #5” is pretty wicked too

In Godda Davida
Iron Butterfly

I like to start it off with something soothing like Barry White, or maybe even Enya. (depends on the girl.) Then, once we’re doing it I like to change the music to the “Deepthroat” soundtrack. Then, when I’m finally done, I like to turn it to War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends?”

“The Hamster Dance” :slight_smile:

Hamster Dance? I think Patricia is actually Richard Gere!

Is that anything like Weird Al Yankovic’s song, “Harvey the Wonder Hamster?” You know how it goes…“Harvey, Harvey, Harvey the wonder hamster. He doesn’t bite. He doesn’t squeal. He just runs around on his hamster wheeeeeeelllllllll…” Oh boy, I’m way off topic.

I like putting some pink floyd, especially division bell. I also like putting some techno.

Go here: www.oceanbluepools.com/ hamster/ (space at “/” and “hamster”). I was just being facetious…

And while you're at it, go to the original Hamster Dance: www.hamsterdance2.com/ (they've changed the music...bummer.)

Well, this is an old one and a strange one. “In the end.”(no pun intended;) On Rush’s “all the world’s a stage” album. I had my first sex to that song in the 7th grade and will use again should it ever happen again.