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Best Muscles to Look Big?

What is the best muscles to look big in your opinion? Traps? Shoulders? Lats? Arms?

Pretty much all muscles look good when they are big.



My buddy who got me into the gym waaaay back when had a very wide and developed back and even wearing a sweater, sports jacket, whatever might normally make a Moderately jacked Individual look meh he always appeared somewhat large and intimidating. No one would ever question if he trained.



A majority of the time I am not on the beach, and I am normally clothed. Wide shoulders and back make a big difference if you are clothed. You can also be a bit higher body fat % if you are wide, and still look good.

Side delts and biceps.
My college buddy did nothing but chins and pushups in dorm and never hit weight room
He had a naturally athletic build and thin waist but was maybe 170.
meanwhile I was on a two year power bulk and killing myself to be big and was a soft 220.

We were at a gas station coming back from spring break and I was chatting with two girls I knew in High school and not seen in two years.They were also returning from spring break, a totally random meeting. I was in my XXXL cut shirt and thought I was impressing them with my mass acquired since high school.

One of the girls looked and me and told me I should ask my jacked friend to train me since I was hot in high school when I was in shape.

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A lot of people mistake mass for fat, especially when your not very lean.