Best Muscle Building Supplement?

im kind of broke right now so i can really only afford one bulking supplement. which one would be best? i was thinking Alpha Male but what about L-Leucine?

It really depends on age, what your’e taking now, and even your weight.
If you could give some of that info, it would be a lot easier to answer your question

im 22, 180lbs. all im taking now is Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery, creatine, l arginine, vitamine d-3, whey.

Alright, well I’m not sure whats in the Surge Recovery (I used to take it, but I’ve forgotten)

But I would recommend some Glutamine first off (if you aren’t taking it)

If youre taking glutamine, I think you were on the right track with Leucine. Any BCAA (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine) is great.

However, I dont know what you mean by muscle-building supplement because almost every supplement is meant to help you build mucle in some way. Both of those should be taken post-workout, imho.

If you want something pre-workout, I’d make sure you have some Beta Alanine.

Then again, Alpha Male is a fantastic supplement that I would also recommend (I have never taken it, but have heard great things)

i meant the best bang for your buck supplement for building muscle . i think it would be leucine but i thought since Alpha Male was a t booster it might be better. i dont know anything about t boosters.

Hands down, 100% positive, guaranteed, no questions asked… the absolutely BEST MUSCLE BUILDER out there is…


Eat more food. Spend your money on buying bulk chicken, beef, fish, sweet potatoes… ect.


Ground beef. Start with eating one pound post workout. Tastes worse then EVOO in shakes though, so just regular fried, maybe with some onions is okay.

Gregron and BPT are right…Food is the best supplement out there. Stuff works wonders! If you feel you have to buy something, then ditch the Arginine for some BCAA’s. You should be taking fish oil as well.

I’d look to L-Leucine…

Eat clean/good and take Leucine with each major meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner)… You’ll get a lot more bang from your buck with the food you consume, if you’re taking Leucine with it…

Everything else you’re taking is decent… I’d likely drop one or two supps you’re taking in favour of BCAA’s as well…

Beta Alanine is good, but I find it’s much better to take this when cutting bodyfat, for it’s going to help you “retain” your muscle during a cutting phase…

You’re drinking lots of water right? Getting lots of sleep? Eating 5-6 meals a day?

Remember, supp’s are just going to get you about 10%… Eating good, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep and rest, and eating 5-6 meals a day (don’t forget to actually bust your ass in the gym), will get your everything else…

Fish oil and creatine are the cheap and easy things that everyone should be taking as far as I’m concerned. After that things get a little more individual. And food, obviously. Good, quality, REAL food. In massive quantities.

WTF leucine and glutamine?



Food is not a fucking supplement…do people even understand what the word supplement means? Its something that will supplement things that are missing/hard to get through your diet. If the OP wanted to get answers about food, he would have asked about food.

EDIT: I’m not trying to personally bash any of the people saying food, its just not what the OP is looking for.

im gonna have to agree with gregron, no supplement will result in growth if your calories are high enough, well times and good qulity, no matter how hard you work. but if you do have calories nailed, then id say Leucine, or a BCAA supplement is probably what is going to make the biggest difference from my experience, but then it depends how often you can train, if you can only train 2-3 times a week it becomes slightly less useful, as one of the best things about them is that they help you recover faster, so i can train again sooner.

personally had no results with glutamine, take that as you will. and if you are strapped for cash, there might be cheaper alternatives to Surge which are not significantly less effective. which would allow you to use alpha aswell.

note: alot of people like creatine, but it just seems to not work for me.
note2: definately keep the arganine.

[quote]Ty Carlson wrote:
Food is not a fucking supplement…do people even understand what the word supplement means? Its something that will supplement things that are missing/hard to get through your diet. If the OP wanted to get answers about food, he would have asked about food.

EDIT: I’m not trying to personally bash any of the people saying food, its just not what the OP is looking for.[/quote]

I think the point being made is that 90% of the people “bulking” eat crap so a supplement is a waste of time and money.

So, if you are not already eating grass fed beef, chicken thighs and non farmed fish, then eat it. Once you get your diet nailed then you won’t need much at all, maybe some BCAA’s. Without knowing your state of health and general fitness level, we can only guess.

i dont eat grass fed anything its too expensive where i have seen it. regular beef is already $4/pound. but yes i am eating 5-6 times per day, lots of clean food, lots of water. but like ty carlson pointed out im looking for a SUPPLEMENT. i have been slipping on fish oil though.FYI i dont eat crap very much at all, once in a while ill eat out with friends or a social event.

as far as pwo goes theres no way i can workout without Surge Workout Fuel and recovery. there was a big difference from when i was not using Workout Fuel and when i started using it. its amazing. right now im doing 3X total body workouts per week. it goes squats>RDL>chin ups>bench press>seated press>curls all exercises 5x5.

Latest research is showing that omega-3 fatty acids enables anabolism. Check out the latest article dissection on this by Martin Berkhan on his leangains web site. Based on the research, he recommends 2g EPA and 1.5 g DHA per day. He even links to fish oil supplements that provide this in 4 softgels so you’re not downing 10 softgels a day.

That and beef.

TF? Are people actually recommending Alpha Male as a bulking supplement to a 22 year old?

Herbal test boosters are based on pretty iffy science, and would be of little benefit to someone so young.

@Ty Carlson - Technically adding anything to your regular diet is a supplement :stuck_out_tongue:

To be fair to the OP - The best supplement for mass really depends…

Caffeine/grean tea work great for many guys (both small and large). That new supplement from Biotest will do an even greater job for nutrient partitioning (pricey though, but quite likely worth it due to the short duration required for moderate results) ← everything comes down to $/mg/effective dose.

Whey protein, fiber, maltodextrin/dextrose and/or flavored weight gainer (quality varies greatly and can make this option as healthy and correspondingly costly as well, convenience is always a factor) make a great choice, as do EFAs (fish oil, flax, and borage oil, etc).

Creatine works very well for many, noticeably well for most (>75%), and low-no undesirable side effects for most, various minerals are needed in greater quantities for all athletes, especially zinc and magnesium

BCAAs (timed peri-meal helps with glucose control (iso-leucine – you can google it).

Many others, but these are top choices.

so would i be better off with the l-leucine or bcaa? i plan on takin 20G leucine per day if i get that.

tiger i have never heard of borage oil. what is it? im about to buy soem flax oil along with xtra virgin coconut oil, which would be best?