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Best Multivitamin


I am buying a multivitamin and i live in canada so i was wondering which multivitamin is best?


I get mine from Cooper Aerobics based in Dallas, TX where I did my internship.

it's the company from Dr. Cooper who is known as the father of aerobics, anyways they conduct clinical trials there and use their own supplements so you can be sure it's of good quality.

about $18 for a month supply for a basic multi, also includes 2k IU of Vit. D3


If you have the money go Multi Intense Iron Free by Charles Poliquin.


I recommend ON's Opti Men (3 a day).

It's not the cheap option, but I have not had a single cold since I started taking them. They are great.


Life Extension Mix? Capsules without Copper

Very expensive though...


ADAM by NOW Foods...it's the best I've come across, and at 2 a day it's quite cost effective.


They've got some solid stuff in that mix, but I'd say one might be better off getting their two-per-day and a sick greens formula.

I like LEF and their products, but this one seems a little too... extracted... for my taste. Something about getting a superfood powder that isn't distilled down to 15 or so individual ingredients sits better with me.


Sorry not sure what product you mean with the 2-per-day comment, would you mind expanding?



from Consumerlab.com not that bad, just passing it along:

Label infraction6
Vitamin A content improperly labeled; beta-carotene and retinol listed on separate lines

(At UL for niacin [35 mg])***

from their fish oil supplement:
Found only 79.1% of claimed EPA and 76.7% of claimed DHA

Also found only 78.4% of claimed total omega-3 fatty acids

when even one company's supplement tests bad, gives me a bad taste


Their two-per-day multivitamin. It's quite inexpensive and LEF makes good quality stuff so I think it's a reasonable option for someone looking for a budget-friendly multi.

The mix definitely has more goodies, but just as a personal preference, and particularly when considering the COST, I find myself gravitating towards "super foods" (eg, Biotest's Superfood) that contains WHOLE fruits, veggies, herbs, etc. rather than a mix of isolated nutrients. While you might not get as great an amount of a particular nutrient on a mg-for-mg basis, whole plants provide an array of other stuff that we either need or don't yet know we need, so I like to make sure I can get those.

Compared to super foods, the mix costs quite a bit more than most any super food powder on the market... so I like to buy a super food powder for the more "exotic"/uncommon nutrients and take a multi just to make sure I cover all the main areas.


i think it's about 35 a btl but Gaspari's Anavite is good stuff. i only say that because it also contains about 2 grams of beta alanine and a little l-carnitine per seving also.. only gaspari product i use though haha


i take the Optimum Nutrition 3 a day multivitamin with no complaints, i feel more alert and have more energy


I think whatever you choose , it should be a formula designed to taken 2x a day , u piss it out by lunch twinlab dualtab or i just use vitamin shop brand called men elite


Thanks, I originally ruled out the one above due to the cheaper mineral versions included.

I don't bother with superfoods - I am normally a good boy with my fruit and veg.


I use the damage control master formula from primalblueprint. It is 12 capsules a day and have mega dosis of both vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Life Extension Mix, VRPs three per day (was rated the best multi) or New Chapter. I take Life Ext Mix, tabs. If you buy during super sale and if you are a member u get a decent discount if you buy in bulk.


Have any of you guys tried Orange Triad? I just ordered some. Heard it was better than ON's multivitamin but not seeing it mentioned here. Going to try it out and see if it's good. I also heard LEF's were really good too, but they seem too expensive.


years and years ago I saw a tv special on vitamins where they showed the x-ray of a guy who took 2-4 vitamin tablets a day. It had gobs and gobs of undigested tablets sitting in his colon; even causing obstructions. It was so gross, from then on I've only taken chewable or gummy vitamins.


I have been taking Orange Triad for most of this year. I like it, they seem to absorb well. My only complaint was you have to take 6 pills a day, split apart with 2 meals-- and they aren't the cheapest.

I've tried quite a few different multis, and so far Orange Triad and the ON Opti-Men are my favorite. Both I've used for quite awhile and feel great using them and haven't really gotten ill with them either. In all honesty, I don't think you can beat anything that Optimum makes when it comes to basic supplements.


Yes, the human body has been known to be unable to excrete things it can't digest properly - gum, multivitamins, fiber...