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Best multi vitamin and mineral

I’m wondering what everbody out there thinks is a good brand of multi vitamin and mineral. Right now I,m taking a generic ShopKo capsules in the morning, and ZMA alone before bed. Is there much difference in the higher priced vitamins, vs. the lower cost. Thanks for any input.

I’m also interested in this topic. I’ve been taking the GNC Brand Multi-Vitamin for Men for about a year now. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

The important factors are breakdown in the gut and absorption. A few years back, I had an x-ray done. I was taking Centrum at the time, and they showed up as perfect capsules in the x-ray 3 HOURS after I took them. Medical people use the term “bowl ringers” to describe this (the pills pass through the system without breaking down). I take a brand that is totally plant based, and organically grown. Breaks down in water in about 5 mintues.

I go to Sam’s Club and pick up the Member’s Mark brand of multi-vitamin, fish oils, vitamin E and vitamin C. They are inexpensive and high quality.

I usually use Solgar products. I take their VM-2000 multinutrient and am so far happy with the results. They inspire quality.

There is a difference between the generic brands and the high quailty brands. The cheaper ones use synthetic e, are less digestible, have less potency, don’t use cheleated minerals, and contain binders and food coloring you may not want. Then GNC brands are ok, but I like Soloray and Solgar the best. It is also better to take very high potency multivitimin in divided doses rather than all at once.

Bayer makes good multi-vitamins

Shiff makes a great one called Whole Food. It’s the best.

Check out Life Extension Mix from the Life Extension Foundation.It contains a lot more than just the standard array of vitamins and minerals.High potencies of antioxidants,herbal and vegetable extracts,etc,etc.LEF’s advertising blurb claims this is `the finest multivitamin formula in the world’,and in this case I’m inclined to agree.It costs quite a bit to get shipped down under,with our crappy dollar and all,but I still think it’s worth it,I can feel the difference when I take it.

Life Extension mix from
Life Extention Foundation or the Extend Ultra line from Vitamin Research Products

Has anyone used the V/M supplement that Ian King endorses?

my strength training coach in high school told me to mix equal parts water and white vinegar together (1/4 cup of each is plenty) and drop your vitamin in. If the vitamin dissolves in 20 minutes your geting the vitamins and minerals. If not, you’re wasting hard earned cash.

Another recommendation for the Life Extension Mix – the best vitamin/mineral/antioxidant supplement available. Their formula has been designed based on the most recent scientific research and all ingredients come from pharmaceutical grade suppliers. If you join the LE foundation and buy them in bulk, they will cost you about $1.36/day to take the recommended 9 tabs.

How do any of you know if the vitamins you take do anything? Did you all of a sudden get ripped and bench four plates? How do you compare the effectivness of one vitamin versus another if you can’t measure what they do?

Super Blend by Super Nutrition. Nothing better.