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Best mTOR Exercises for BDW for Natural Lifters

I tried doing RDLs as an mTOR for the BDW for Natural Lifters. I did it with 135 and my legs were shaking a little on the 2 sec bottom hold stretch at the end of my set, not common for me but I figured the RDL would be ideal for the mTOR part of the program. Ill probably drop the weight to 125 instead.

Do you guys have any other suggestions of mTOR exercises for Hamstrings and other body parts that you had great results with?

Hamstring mTOR exercises are kind of limited being that it is more effective for RDLs, GHR, and maybe lying curls but thats all I can think of.

yes, natural hamstring curls, which will probably be done as forced negatives even with bodyweight.

Also, for RDLs, did you deadlift the weight conventionally and then RDL it on the way down?

Addendum: It is called the Russian leg curl here: https://www.t-nation.com/training/fantastic-hamstring-movements, excersice#6 on the list. There are so many names for similar variations that I get lost, but I denote it as natural hamstring curl. Some call it manual. I am talking about the variation where there is minimal or no movement at the hip.

I do them by putting a bench in the power rack and hooking my feet under the rack catcher in a low hole, usually one of the bottom 2-3. I kneel on the bench. This also lets me get fully to parallel instead of running into the ground, so I can get 2-3 inches deeper than in the video.

Not really. I conventional deadlift the way up but begin the movement of RDLs by hip hinging with knees slightly bent and go from there but I think my knees may be too slightly bent and forces me to hip hinge even greater.