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Best Movies?


some decent films to watch?



Might as well continue the French theme =P


check out the thread "more movies you've watched"


Right on, Stern.


Here it is:


Definitely one of the best French Movies out there.


King of Thorn was one of the best anime movies I've seen in a long time.


Isn't that the dude who was in Oceans' 12??

The French Villian? The name escapes me.


Cidade de Deus


^^^two of my favorite foreign films (two of my favorite movies actually)

i've heard great things about "Au Revoir les Enfants" too; it's on my list of movies to watch.

some others:
Good Will Hunting
Donie Darko
Despicable Me (most entertaining animated flick I've seen in quite some time)


It is indeed Vincent Cassel. Same bloke who played Mesrine and who was also in Black Swan, Eastern Promises, Elizabeth, Brotherhood of the Wolf...loads of things actually. Excellent actor and 'La Haine' remains, without a doubt, one of my favourite French movies.

Followed closely by the City of Lost Children up above =P


if ya like off the wall movies "Rampage" on netflix instant watch, the bad guy gets away with taking out half a town.... good flick and didnt see the end coming...


Do you think 'City' was better than 'Delicatessan'?

I loved 'City' but French cinema is very good and there are a lot of films I would rate above it.


Ah I didn't say it's the best film though! :stuck_out_tongue: (though of course I see my mistake after revisiting the thread title, but, meh...it's all subjective really.) :slight_smile:

There are films I would certainly rate above it in terms of story or acting or of course direction, however City is one of these rare films that is so full of imagination and detail, much like Nightmare Before Christmas, that every time you watch it you notice something you hadn't noticed before.

I'm a very visual person. I like to treat my eyes as much as my visceral and intellectual self, probably moreso to be fair...and City is one of those films I can watch countless times and still chuckle at the clones or the old guy pretending to be Santa but scaring kids out of their wits. The chaos theory montage. The brain in a jar. The siamese twin gang-leader. It's just so fucking incredibly lush!

I did rate and prefer it to Deli to be honest although I say Deli when I was much younger and have only half-watched it again since. I never got that epic feel from it though.