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Best Movie Fight Scene


If you can strip away the gratuitous use of CGI and the fact it went a bit long, the swarm of Andersons scene in Matrix Reloaded was not too bad. Many are better. Discuss.


are any type of fight scene acceptable, or should it be mostly hand to hand kind of stuff?

if fire fights are ok, id say the final battle from tears of the sun or the defense of super six-four from black hawk down.


Wide open interpretation, as long as something ends up hurt, maimed or killed


Watch Ip Man.

The best fight from part II:



^ Wow
Sickrick's post


Kill Bill volume 1:
. The bride vs Vernita Green

Bourne Ultimatum:

       .Bourne vs agents after meeting the journo at the train station in London
       .Bourne vs  Desh in the apartment in Tangiers



I'm sure I've seen this film before....

Edit: actually, yeah, Bad Taste. Not BrainDead.

Both gave me nightmares for days.


I like Batman vs the swat team in the dark knight.


Jack VS Tyler



Wow!! I'm definitely getting this on DVD.


Nice topic, here's my contribution:



Start it at about 30 sec. Great female fight scene.


im partial to equilibrium


Fist of Legend


The Protector



The entire movie. I can't think of a scene where there was an absence of explosions.


Legend of the Drunken Master 2 had some of the best fight choreography of any movie I've seen. Any scene would be a good choice but I'll pick the last one:

Mansion fight scene from Matrix Reloaded, one of my fav's


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