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Best Movie Car Chase


Ok I just saw the best movie fight scene thread so I thought I'd start this one. I hope its not a repost. So what is the best movie car chase? There are many so list your top three.

Gone in 60 Seconds (1974)
The Blues Brothers
The Road Warrior


Not exactly "car" chase, but when I think about the topic, just the Goldeneye tank-to-car chase comes to my mind.

I think it's just the best.


Non-car chase is a separate thread with the boat chase in Live and Let Die coming in on top.


Italian Job was pretty damn cool if I remember correctly..



Any of the various chases in T2: Judgement Day involving a semi chasing a motorcycle.




This movie, The Hidden is a 1987 movie about an alien parasite that comes to Earth and goEs from person to person, taking over their bodies and it loves violence and loud music and Ferraris.
This is the opening scene where the alien robs a bank and a car chase with the cops ensues. I recommend this whole movie!


There were about 3 excellent chase scenes in Ronin here is one of them:


I love the fast and furious series.
The best one in the series has to be the last chase in Fast 5. It was extremely sick.

James Bond is cool too.


Gene Hackman "poppy doyle" in the French Connection throught the streets of Chicago. Or if you are juvenile and from Chicago the last chase scene from the "Blues Brothers" !!!


This most modern car chase scenes are based on this film


ALL car chase scenes are based on that film. I, too, nominate Bullitt, with an honorable mention for both Vanishing Point and Death Proof. No CGI in any of those scenes.


I didn't want to say all lest someone on here cry foul. Would chariot races be included in this thread? Ben Hur would be the top in that category as that has been copied a number of times, including in The Phantom Menace


[quote]killerDIRK wrote:
Gene Hackman "poppy doyle" in the French Connection throught the streets of Chicago.quote]

Love this one ^^

I vote for Steve McQueen's Bullitt!


Maybe you missed the part in the thread title about "car" chases.


Definitely one of the best and longest car chase scenes I ever seen. I'm always on the edge of my seat whenever I watch this. Truly mind blowing.


Another lengthy car chase that I always enjoy watching... Blues Brothers 1. Totally hilarious.

This is only video I could find. All sped up.


I am the Night Rider!

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While Bullitt is the standard for which many chase scenes are compared to, It became very evident that much of that was editing. I don't know how many times they pass that same VW bug but from different angles.