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Best Morning Protein??


Hello All,

What is the best morning protein source you can think of? I know it should be low fat and quickly absorbed. I am also aware that egg whites are not complete.




What the SAM hell are you talking about. They are not a complete egg but they are a VERY good source of protein.

Add some leans meat and or Cheese and veggies for an Omelete, Oats fruit and a Grow! Shake, There Nice complete breakfast.


um, egg whites ARE a complete protein


I've read on this very site that they are not.


Egg white is complete protein, the BV of whole egg though is higher. The yolk contains good amounts of Sulphur bearing amino acids and I'd eat a couple of whole eggs before eating 7 or 8 whites. The main issue is people think you should not eat too many whole eggs, they usually say this as they are munching on a greasy pork chop.


Instead of not as well as I mean.


My breakfast is usually a whey protein shake,peaches with oatmeal,and one whole wheat english muffin.


What a bunch of horse poop.Yolks are the best part of an egg(pss,it has vitamin k too).Even if you're cutting you can get away with using 3 egg whites and one whole egg to make it taste much better.


Then you misread or whoever you were listening to didn't know what they were talking about.



I make a shake, an awesome shake, havign a variety of proteins.

2 scoops Grow!, 8oz water, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup oats, 1 banana. blend.

Pretty much covers all the protein you need I think


Good protein but cottage cheese in a shake ? Thats sweaty man !

I like Cottage cheese with pineapple, olive oil and a couple of apples before bed flor slow release.


Or, Egg is the best part of egg.


i actually can't stand the taste of the stuff. so I need to mix it w/ delicious strawberry Grow!


This isn't a new idea and I'm not the only advocate of it, but eating at night whilst gaining is worthwhile. If you are on strict calorie controlled regime its not advisable but eating in the night works big time. The point is, worrying about some super fast transport protein to stuff down your throat in the morning becomes less important.

If you are eating at night, liquid stuff is the best idea, getting up to prepare some Caligulan style feast will probably disrput your sleep too much. Either set your alarm or do it when you wake to use the toilet. Some Grow! or something or whatever you got will do.