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Best MMA Gyms/Schools in NYC?

For whatever reason, there is a serious lack mma training centers in nyc. Are there any one stop centers to train in bjj, wrestling, mt, and boxing? I know Renzos has mt classes, but they look more like fitness classes than hardcore training sessions. Anyone heard anything about Fighthouse? I’ve heard real good things about Studio X (on 27th street) as far as their bjj training goes.

Matt Serra’s gym is on Long Island. My friend visited his gym last week and said it was pretty good. He got to meet Matt Serra as well, and he said he was a great guy.

If I’m not mistaken, he said there was an octagon inside with a chain link fence (to simulate a real octagon) and the place was pretty packed with students of all levels, from kids to professional fighters.

Here is the website:


there are a few places that I know of.
and there are plenty more too
I wrestle and played judo so I go mostly for that.

I find more places from other people
who also roll.

fighthouse they are on w27th- maybe its the same as the one you mentioned.


these guys are downtown. mostly Muy thai

Phil Kru Nurse also has an excelletn Muy Thai school - GSP goes there.

There are some really hard core boxing gyms uptown- in spanish harlem.

Renzo’s is good, its expensive.
His IFL team trains there, I roll from there
time to time but not too much.
Machado’s has a good BJJ school in town as well

Sambo in brooklyn- fun gym I have been to place a few times.


Queens has TONS of gyms. BJJ and Muy thai

for wrestling you can try the NYAC they have a serious club but its mostly private.
or you can try to workout with hunter college

there are gyms.

You could also try ronin athletics which is a Straight Blast affiliate on 37th.

NYSANDA has fielded some solid fighters too, and BJJ instruction is available

NY Combat Sambo - 39th Street

All solid schools.