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Best Mix For Increasing Libido/Orgasms Intensity?

Hi there,

I need to find a best way to increase libido and to intensify orgasms. So far, I created this list of drugs that should do the trick, based on available information and experiences of users:

  • Testosterone
  • Proviron - enhances the amount of free testosterone, however, reduces natural testosterone production - but the suppression should be minimal
  • Cabergoline - a dopamine agonist designed to reduce prolactin; increases sex drive, strengtens erections, causes more powerful orgasms, causes quicker regain of sex desire
  • Requip (ropinirole)/ - a dopamine agonist that enhances sexual urges and fantasies by raising dopamine in the area of brain that is responsible for pleasure
  • Mirapex (pramipexole) - should do the same as Requip
  • PT-141 - improves libido and sexual satisfaction directly via acting in brain

Am I missing something???

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Caber is expensive and unnecessary unless running tren or deca due to the increased prolactin they can cause…

Lower prolactin levels can still have an effect sexually. Instead of caber, try using vit e, Sam e, and p5p (Google prolactin reduction for doses, I forget). I used these when I was doing short cycles including tren (not recommended, should have got caber). There was a reduction, but not enough to use with tren. Should work for what you are planning though.

I will say though, lowering prolactin resulted in a shorter trigger. Seemed a lot more sensitive, and I couldn’t last as long (when using it workout tren - on tren it did very little to counter sexual sides), but orgasms were more intense. Can’t say I noticed a shortened return to action though.

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Take a small amount of niacin, not flush free, 1/2 hour before sex.

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“Am I missing something???”

Yes. Emma Stone.

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i have dabbled with yohimbine, and need to point out that while i used that, it was the only time i ever had a panic attack. fuck that shit…

i would be really cautious mixing that with those dopamine agonists…

You could try some good old cialis, You can get it off a RC website for cheap, isn’t usually underdosed. It won’t directely increase your libido like other things would, but it would be easier to maintain/get an erection, I have found I feel a little hornier when Im on cialis than when I’m off, the pumps are good as fuck too

So some unconventional stuff you could try
High doses of creatine clinically increase DHT, Could help maybe?
vitman B12 lower prolactin in high doses haven’t read a whole lot of studies on that but have always heard that
Could try a test boosting supplement like alpha male on here by biotest

One question, along with the decreased sex drive, do you get ED too?

also are you an avid porn watcher?

I think cialis would help with the ED and there is evidence that it boost your testosterone a little bit, it will also lower your blood pressure with is your original problem

Moving on, the reason I asked about the porn, is if you watch enough weird ass milf midget gangbang porn you get desensitized to the real thing, thats the only reason I mentioned it, Chilling on the porn definitely helped my sex drive

And as far as histamine is concerned do you ever take claritin or zyrtec for allergies? any kind of antihistamine will have a negative effect on those receptors.

Another thing to look at is your diet, if you’ve been cutting really hard recently this can negatively effect hormone levels, and therefore your sex drive


fun fact about this: there’s a growing number of teenage boys who can’t get it up for girls. They watch tons of porn and see these smoking hot chicks doing all manner of nasty shit, then when the time comes to have awkward teenage sex with an average looking chick of their own age they just can’t get aroused enough by it.

Pretty fucking hilarious, really.


i can confirm that anti psychotics destroy libido and i only used it for 3 weeks, its been 5 months off and my libido is still gone. any luck yet? i suggest talking to an endocrinologist to get some cabergoline, i’m waiting for an appointment to ask for some.

the AP i used was risperidone aka the drug from hell

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sounds good. i wish i could help more but i barely have any knowledge of endocrinology and AP’s etc. if you could help me with my risperidone problem that would be awesome.

there’s a forum site with a bunch of people recovering from anti-psychotics including the founder called “surviving anti depressants”

i see. i’ve tried L DOPA for a a couple days and it just gave me a headache and i give L tyrosine a 2/10 in effectiveness.

so if i use caber, would it fix the prolactin problem permanently or does one have to keep taking it? also i heard it can cause heart problems, what about that?

The P5P(the active ingredient in B!2) and VItamn E have both clinically decrease prolactin

Have you ever tried maca? Higher doses boost my libido for hours.

Sorry to hear that. Have you been able to improve your situation/find any “relief”?

my endo appointment is in a month unfortunately. i’ll definitely report on how it goes. some people say recovery from anti psychs can take 3 years, maybe more maybe less…it’s a long time.

Yeah I’ve always been terrified of drugs that mess with your head, for that reason. Had my bouts with depression and TBI/PTSD among other things, but I’ve fortunately made it through without taking any drugs.

yeah, a lot of people think they are safe because they are from “legit” companies and not sold on the street. anti psychotics can wreak havok on hormones…i haven’t been able to hit the gym in 6 months because risperdal messed me up, i can’t get a pump no matter how hard i try. i could run 6 miles and barely even feel like i got a workout and my libido got nuked…if you’re reading this, stay the away from anti psychotics.

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This topic is pretty good, a lot of good info presented here.

So I have a very simple mind, and as such, I prefer to keep drug use simple as well. You mentioned testosterone initially, but unless I missed a post, you’re not taking any. Is that correct? Nothing like a gram of test to get your sex drive through the roof. If you’re taking steroids, or are not opposed to the idea, I would think that a high dose of test (500 or better) would be a pretty solid way to approach the sex drive issue. Testosterone and cialis (or viagra) is a hell of a combo, particularly since blood pressure was mentioned as an issue. If you’re not really interested in injectable testosterone, disregard this, I just mentioned it since you brought it up in the first post.