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Best MFR Countries

Ok so I am a dirty little bitch and I am taking nasty dirty sustanon, I know most of you guys don’t like it and I understand and respect the reasons why, but I wanted to try it as there are a shit load of people who do like and reccomend it.

Anyway my question is does anyone know if there is much difference in countries of manufacture?

I have access to Oregon sustanon from Karachi and also the NIle sustanon, both are 100% legit, is there any differences? is one country better than all the other? are any to be avoided?


I like Sustanon. I used the Organon and it gave me good results at a nice, low dose. My source said it was highly sought after and is “the duck’s nuts” (which means, in American, “the shit”).

Therefore, I’d recommend the Organon version, because it’s an internationally recognized brand with high manufacturing standards. Also I felt minimal injection pain from it.