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Best Method to Progress on the Prowler?


I am looking for a good program to progress in putting weight on the prowler. Is just adding weight (5 lbs a week) each week good or would I be better off following this program from Harry Selkow "

The condition level and the body weight of the athlete determines starting weight to be added to the Prowler®.

For our purpose, the “frame” weighs nothing. We don’t count it!

Body weight under 150 pounds will use 50 pounds. If over that, will use 90 pounds.

Also, we will refer to the number of times you push the Prowler® as “sets” X the distance.

Beginners should push ONE to TWO times per week.

Novice Level

Session 1 and 2:

6 x 40 yards

Session 3 and 4:

8 x 40 yards

Session 5 and 6:

10 x 40 yards

Session 7 and 8:

6 x 40x +10 pounds

Session 9 and 10:

8 x 40x+10 pounds

Session 11 and 12:

6 x 40x+10 pounds

Session 13 and 14:

8 x 40x+20 pounds

Session 15 and 16:

10 x 40x+20 pounds

Etcetera, Etcetera…


Honestly I’d just pick a challenging weight for like 10 trips. Time the whole workout. When you get under a certain time add a plate. But I’m assuming the goal is conditioning not strength.


That plan would be solid, since he knows what he’s doing. It’s basic progressive overload, more volume followed by more weight.

What’s the goal of the Prowler work? If it’s for basic conditioning, increasing weight isn’t really necessary. Working to beat time for a set distance/volume or increase total distance/volume within a set time will get the job done fine.

If the end goal is to be pushing the heaviest Prowler you can for a given distance, then adding weight consistently will be more important.