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Best Method for Fat Loss/Strength Gains?


What is the best method for this? have 9 weeks to drop 12 more lbs but need to keep as strong as I am or gain a little strength.

Thanks guys. Oh and I am 43 so keep that in mind lol


It's a pretty vague question and depends on a few variables - how you're training now, your height, weight, and general fat condition (pudgy, kinda lean, already ripped, etc.), how you're currently eating, etc.

Generally speaking, that's not a whole lot of weight to drop in that long amount of time. If it's for a specific weigh-in or something, you could probably drop most of that in just a week, or a few days, by manipulating carbs and water (like fighters or lifters before a match or meet). But that's a temporary "solution."

If you're looking to drop 12 pounds of fat, again it depends on a bit, but lift heavy (to maintain muscle and strength), do some kind of cardio several days a week, and fine-tune the nutrition (most likely drop carbs a bunch and drop calories a bit).


Yeah its for a weigh in for a strength competition. I am kinda pudgy because I got lazy after an injury for awhile. I have been on the Anabolic diet for 3 weeks now and all I have accomplished is getting weaker. Granted the weight is down but I am not sure how much of that is really fat vs that initial drop of cleaning up the diet and getting more water.


What did you eat yesterday?

What does your weight and cardio training look like?

The Anabolic Diet is great for fat loss, so you certainly "shouldn't" be getting weaker. If you are, it's most likely that daily calories are too low, protein is too low, your training program needs improvement, or some combination of the three.

However, from some of your recent threads it also sounds like your currently dealing with some hormone issues. That can definitely interrupt fat loss progress. Getting that sorted out will really help the rest fall in line.


thanks Chris. I went over this with my Doc and she said the same thing, count the calories because they have to be too low and not enough protein. I am going to cap at 2400 Cal per day. I think I went overboard worrying about Carbs.


For the fat loss aspect, I like a smart diet (caloric restriction, mostly from carbs) combined with Prowler/Tire Sled work.

For the strength gains, CT's recent methods work great, or 5/3/1 or any other number of sensible programs.