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Best Metabolic Drive Flavor


Looking to order some protein (been using bsn's syntha 6, and want a lower carb protein) so vlooking to get some opinions on what the best flavor of Metabolic Drive is....


Chocolate. To me it tastes like a Wendys Frosty.


you know ive heard that before


You get the best price if buying 4 or more.

There are only 4 flavors.

So...why not order 1 of each and decide for yourself ?


I always mix a scoop of Choc with a scoop of Banana :slightly_smiling:



From best to worst:

Banana: great as a stand-alone. Off the hook good ice blended with peanut butter or orange-flavored water enhancer.

Choclate: great with instant coffee.

Vanilla: I've only really ever enjoyed this mixed with fruit. It's a bit off-putting on its own.

Strawberry: Tastes like medicine to me. Doesn't even work with mix-ins.


Chocolate with a teaspoon of peanut butter.


I'm hooked on 1 scoop each chocolate/banana, 1 tbsp of peanut butter and approx 1 tbsp water. Mix into a thick "paste" or pudding. I eat it as a standalone with a spoon or smothered on a banana.


I like Vanilla and Banana. Banana for a straight up shake, Vanilla to put in oatmeal or quinoa.

Don't get strawberry. Doesn't even deserve to be capitalized.



I've made puddings with that combo.




This is so good.