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Best Meats?

What are the best kinds of meats for you? I hear game meat is good, if not better than grocery store meat.
I heard bison was better than chicken because it is higher in protein and lower in fat.
It also looks like it depends largely upon the cut of meat you chose. I have been buying all my game meat ground, and that looks like the worst kind for you.
Is there some kind of guide lines to picking the best meats?

Grass-Fed Beef. Wish I had the money for it.

Grass-fed beef is nature’s health food. Its expensive, but probably by far the best meat for the majority of your meals. Bison is also a great option.

In general, as far as land animals go, go with either wild/grass-fed or very lean cuts/meats.

With fish, generally smaller is better. Larger fish tend to have large mercury levels. Always get wild fish if possible, you dont get the contaminants and you still get the great profile that you lack when you buy many farm-raised fish. Alaskan Salmon is great.