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Best Measurement?


All...I'm new to this site but not new to body building and first of all I want to say this site kicks ass. I thought I knew a decent amount but I don't know s*it compared to most people on this site. I hope you guys can help me.

Now for my question. I've never been a big guy (5'7 185.) I hope I don't get scorched for this but I don't really want to be. I'd like to gain maybe 10 lbs. at most but here's the kicker, I want my waist to stay the same size.

To me the best measurement is the difference between chest size and waist size. I have about a 45' chest and a 31' waist. I'd like to gain about 2 inches on my chest and lose 2 off my waist at the same time.

Maybe this is an obvious goal but for me what I want to do is maximize the difference between my chest measurement and waist measurement.

I don't like the idea of gaining size quick if it's gained everywhere the same and then trying to trim the fat off my waist. I've been there and yes I know it works, but I can't stand the psychological affect of losing my abs. Can I still gain some size but keep my abs? I don't care if it takes longer than it would otherwise.

Is my only alternative to achieve what I want using the sauce?


those are just numbers. You want to know most people's opinion? post a pic.


Those seem pretty modest goals, without a deadline, meeting it should be pretty easy.

I would guess you already know what to do, just go and do it.


Spot reducing and spot increasing...at the same time no less? Good luck and let us know if that works for you.


You should read Shug's article:

[center][b]The Quality Mass Diet[/b]
How to add muscle mass without
ruining your health and becoming a fatty
by Chris Shugart[/center]



Exactly what I wanted...thanks