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Best Meal Replacement Drinks for Long Term Use?


I have a buddy who just got into a bad motorcycle accident and essentially has a broken face. His jaw isn’t broken but all of the top teeth knocked out, stitched upper lip, broken nose,etc; Suffice to say he won’t be eating solid food in the near term. Does anyone have experience with liquid diets or can recommend some good products?

I am fully aware of the velocity diet but he isn’t trying to lose weight and to be honest probably doesn’t want to add to the misery. Just looking for some stuff that tastes good, provides nutrients, and requires minimal effort. Thanks in advance!


Mag-10 and home made smoothies.

My wife made me some vegan raw juices.

Didn’t loose anything and to this day my breakfast is proats with fruit and pb




I would think make whatever shakes you would want. A few different flavors of protein powder, milk/water, some fruit, peanut butter, veggies if you want (though I’ve never tried adding them honestly), oats possibly, olive oil, Greek yogurt. Could buy bulk maltodextrin powder or something.

Could very easily mix and match all of the above to get dozens of different flavors and macros. Some fruit flavored protein, milk, Greek yogurt, ice and whatever fruit you want tastes awesome. Would be very easy to get enough calories in.

EDIT: Obviously throw your desired ingredients listed above into a blender. I doubt it would work well if you just tried a shaker cup to blend some of these.


I would suggest that he get a Vitamix. I make my morning smoothies on this powerful machine and have never had a problem. Your friend needs to consume fresh green vegetables and other sources of nutrients that will help him heal. There is nothing like making your own fresh juice fiber and all.

Best of luck to your friend for a speedy recovery!