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Best Meal of My Life


Just wanted to share that I just had the best meal of my life. I've been a veggie for 5 years, but started eating meat again 3 days ago. I had an awesome workout and i was just craving a chicken breast with melted cheese, cholula hot sauce, and 2 omega 3 fried eggs on top. I'm doing a t-dawg type of diet btw. It was the shit. That's it. Later. Oh yeah, there was broccoli involved.


That story almost bought a tear to my eye. A prodigal son has returned.

Welcome back to the land of flesh. May you enjoy and grow big and strong.

Can I ask what made you return from the 'dark side'.


Welcome Home.


God Damn that looks good. Maybe a bit overcooked, but certainly made me hungry.


from an interview with mark allen in '97 :


"Allen's mealtimes haven't always included such carnivorous delights. For the first seven years of his triathlon career, he stuck to a vegetarian diet, believing that it best supported his training. Then one winter's day in 1989 he found himself consumed with a fantasy. "Every time I'd close my eyes, I'd see this gigantic steak," says Allen. "Finally I thought, OK, nobody's gonna know, so why not?" The next morning Allen ordered steak and pancakes for breakfast. "Almost instantly I felt this warmth in the center of my stomach," he remembers. "It was obvious that there was something in that meat, either iron or protein--probably both--that my body really needed."

Indeed, Allen had been struggling with fatigue, which he took to be a symptom of overtraining. Tweaking his physical routine couldn't shake it, so finally he started eating red meat--and making sure to consume protein at every meal--while going a bit lighter on carbohydrates. Poof: The fatigue vanished. "It wasn't overtraining," says Allen, who would immediately uncork a two-year streak in which he didn't lose a race. "It was nutritional stress.""


Yeah, I've been craving a burger real bad for about a year now. I don't eat meat out though. I only cook it when I buy free range, organic, vegetarian fed, grazing, etc. I still have moral issues with it all. I don't think I'm ready for beef just yet, my stomach's getting used to meat again. Honestly what brought me back was getting a membership to a real gym instead of a school gym. Seeing big guys and hot girls just made something snap. I work out WAY too hard not to look like beast. Later.


lol man tell me about it. I went vegan for 1.5 years. I was so scrawny and fucked up. It actually coincided with a period where i was in extreme depression and lack of aptitude. I'm not sure if the diet caused it or exacerbated it, but for some reason i believe it did both.


Best thread ever.

I want all my skinny weak sickly ass vegetarian friends to read this.

(I know that there are vegetarians who are stronger and bigger than me, but I think they are the exception to the rule so dont flame me too heavy alright!)


Eating is one my absolute favorite things in the world. I would be a very unhappy man without meat in my life.

Congratulations on your rebirth my friend :slight_smile:


I was a vege from birth to 20yrs old.. hippie parents.. I still have not tried steak or pig just chicken and fish. I do have issues with it, guilt being one! but maaaan, I do love the chicken and fish and eggs!


You are missing out on two of the best things in life. Bacon and a huge big thick juicy steak. Of even better, Fillet Mignon (steak wrapped in bacon!)

I respect people who stick to their beliefs, but I just wish that they knew what they were missing out on.


Thats what I like to hear.


What's with the guilt thing? I don't get it. I'm not being an ass, but I can't wrap my head around the idea that humans should not eat meat just because we realize we don't have to. God made all these fast reproducing, grass grazing, protein packed, walking slabs of goodness for those that can digest them. We fall in that category. And we are at the top of the food chain. There is no need for guilt from doing what nature has set forth. I guess I'll never understand.


With some aunt amys BBQ sauce all over it....yummy.


I have discussed this with some christian vegetarian friends of mine (sorry to turn this religous) as it specifically says in the bible that it is cool to eat animals.

Their guilt/moral issue was not with actually eating the animals, but the way in which the animals are raised and slaughtered.


The best P+C meal on the planet is a huge steak cooked Blue (really rare for those that dont know) and enough potatoes to soak up all the blood and juice leaking out of the steak.

Mmmmmmmmm Yum!


Well, raised for slaughter is just more convenient than hunting and herding. It's all the same. You must kill something to survive...even plants.

Besides, we aren't built to live just off of veggies.


This is why you and I have "bulk bellies".


Dont get me wrong, I think it is fucked up as well, I think people should eat more meat. Especially women wink But I guess I have to try and see their side of the story, even if their side of the story is a weak, sick looking existence missing out on the glories of eating flesh.

Now, to go and work on that bulk belly a bit more.


I look at it as more good meat cuts for me. In fact stay away from the filet section. That's mine.