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Best Mcdonald's Post Training Meal?


Hey guys

If you guys finished up a tough training session and you decided to roll round to McDonald's assuming your not on a diet and wanted a fcuk load of protein/calories what would you order?

I eat fast food very rarely so I'm not too down with what's good and what's not. I want to get my Dave Tate on for the day ha.


You want to get something with less fat for quick digestion. Chicken snack wraps with now sauce, chicken burger etc


2 double QPC's ketchup and cheese.

5 guys destroys mcdonalds in every way possible though.


Funny this thread popped up, i was feeling flat today for some reason. So i ordered 3 mchickens, 3 mcdoubles, large fry, and a small chocolate milkshake. It was good.

I'll only binge on fast food like this only once every couple of months though lol.


If you want to binge on fast food because it tastes good, go for it. I wouldnt put Dave Tate's name on it, though.


post workout? a lot of grilled chicken sandwiches or snack wraps sounds best.

Or a bunch of original egg mcmuffins (the ones with the canadian bacon) if it's in the morning.


I believe that Waylander did something like that after every workout for like a year straight, at least according to his thread.


here it is...

Double Cheeseburger
Mc Chicken sandwhich (plain)

put the chicken patty between the two burger patties and you have what I like to call "The Double Mc Clux Delux"... smash down two of those bad boys and you're good to go.


or hit up In N Out and get a 4x4 with grilled onions... 1,040 calories with 4 burger patties in there. Mmmm Mmmm!


Thanks for the suggestions guys.Im torn between Gregron or Bonez' ideas.I can feel the meat sweats coming already ha..I thought this thread was going to get flamed to kingdom come.




I agree with the double quaps but ...

5 guys burgers are small, dry and expensive. Their fries are worth the trip though.


When I was stationed in Cali we had a Carl's Jr on base. The 6 dollar guac & bacon burger would put us in a fucking coma.

I always liked In & Out, simple menu for when you're drunk. I've went into a McD's before wasted and left with a Fish Filet and a diet root beer, not good.


You have no idea whatsoever what youre talking about.


Expensive? Youre paying for patties that are never frozen and are cooked to order every time


I like ordering 3 McDouble's Ketchup only. I can easily finish those before I pull into my driveway 3 minutes later.


Haha dave's old eating habits were so bad.


So is In&Out....they r pretty similar places, In&Out is Just Better


the ultimate post workout meal:


That's what I usually get or one double quarter pounder with cheese and 6 or 10 McNuggets.

I prefer baconators from Wendy's.