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Best Mass Program

I was curious if any one knew which of Chad Waterbury’s programs is best for building mass.

Look to Chad’s thread- this is asked a million times . .usually ABBH 1 and 2 first, then for me it was the Art of Waterbury- even as a template.
Watch for his book soon :slight_smile:

It’s not as simple as all that. But if you’re asking this question, you’d probably be best starting off with ABBH. Or maybe even Big Boy Basics. How long have you been training, and what’s your training looked like so far?

Im doing Lift Fast Get Big now and plan on doing those listed above next…i really like the look of these programs and LFGB is lots of fun :D:D

you can make just about anything into a mass program if you tweak the weight/sets and you food.Also ABBH might not get you as big as a different program,you just have to pick one and see what happens,i did his 10x3 and didnt get bigger but got a whole lot stronger

cant go wrong with the classic bill starr 5x5. Do a search, its one of the most efficient tried and true mass gain routines out there.