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Best MASS Program

If you only had 1 month to put on as much Lean Body Mass as possible, which workout would you use? ABBH, ABBH 2, Quattro Dynamo, OVT, GVT, etc???

Can’t go wrong with any of those though I think OVT is better than the old GVT program. Diet may be the biggest decision because all these programs are good.

This is more of a poll than anything else.

Personally I would try ABBH based on the feedback it has got from others, and just because it’s something different.

I used OVT for a month, after trying some other mass building workouts, and it worked great, but limiting yourself to one month is not the best approach in my opinion. I agree with davo, diet is key.

A correctly developed EDT program + diet would work well.

the one that says eat big and lift big

with just a month I’d have concerns about GVT lets face it training is catabolic so 10x10 does have cons that need to be weighed up.
(Personally I love high volume weight training, 'n fuck catabolism - so GVT/OVT would be my call, perhaps with ABC[DE] for extra rawr - but thats me sayin what Id enjoy rather than whatd put muscle on me!)

Three weeks of QD, backing off the volume in the fourth week and working up to heavy singles or triples…

I don’t think you have to worry about overtraining in one months time frame especially if you are eating Berardi style and/or taking Mag-10…


I made great gains on OVT; I suspect that a program oriented in training in a manner which you are not accustomed to(obviously focusing on compound movements) will produce the best gains. For example, I for the most part had previously only trained a body part once per week, twice maximum. I endured 4 weeks of Meltdown training on a sub-maintenance to maintenance caloric intake and still managed to put on an appreciable amount of muscle; approx. 4 pounds. Although Meltdown was manufactured for fat loss, if you go into Meltdown with massive eating or something similar you will make big gains. I also really like, but have not experienced, forms of caveman training. Nothing like hoisting man crushing boulders above your head…

I have the best results with Ian Kings programs. Definitely check out his programs on this site as well as his books.

c’mon people…I would like to see more votes…This is just a poll on what you think is the best MASS program out there…This is not for me on what to use, I just want to see what the fellow T-MAN think are the best Mass Programs ever developed!

Have tried several of these programs, I liked EDT the best. Lots of volume, a sense of urgancy when in the gym. But, I recently finished a bulking cycle with M1T, gained 17 pounds and the workouts I used were largely my own, nothing new, just heavy and hard 5x5. Chest superset with back, bi’s and tr’s, shoulders and calves, and leg day. Any program will work if you eat enough, get enough rest, and go balls out, but my favorite has been EDT.


I like EDT the best. It’s really motivating to try to beat your prior week’s performance. Plus you only train 3 days a week so you get so focused before the workout that you don’t schmooze with people.

I’ve put on some mass but I’m dieting so my size gains aren’t like they would be if I was building.

my favorite so far is abbh. I have not tried ovt or quatro dynamo. 1 more week of abbh1 then its on to abbh2.

I made great gains on OVT.Its easily my favorite.

I’d say best method is EDT with the correct diet. Currently I’m doing EDT style stuff without the correct diet and I"m getting decent results but with the correct foods EDT could help you take off pretty well, go buy the book at www.edtsecrets.com

i really liked the basic ripped rugged and dense (5X5) and when i bulk i usually alternate between that and OVT.