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Best Martial Art to Enroll Daughters In?


I'm looking to get my daughters into some form of martial arts, mainly for self-defense purposes. Keeping in mind that if (God forbid) they ever have to use it, they'll probably be much smaller and lighter than their opponent, what are the best styles for them to learn?



Edit: and a swift kick to the balls.


I think judo is great for kids, although I'm biased because that's my thing. The confidence it builds is helpful, plus being able to throw your opponent/attacker is pretty practical. But when it comes to self-defence there are much better methods specifically for that purpose (eyes/neck/joints/etc).

Judo's a good base though, and it's something that they can do almost anywhere.



Bjj is basically in a rape position. Maybe a school that teaches some wrestling/judo and bjj.


I will go on a limb an side with Jellyroll- no suprise, as I play judo too.
I have to endorse Judo for the same reasons- as JR, its great with kids,
and its plentiful.

You shouldn't have a problem finding a Judo school in most of the world.
Its a good base, a great introduction to some discipline.

verdant- clean up your act, this guy is asking for suggestions for his kids.



Well, how old are your daughters? There's a big difference between teaching a child karate under the assumption that they'll never use it and teaching self defense to a girl who goes to college in NYC.

Honestly though, I'll go out on a limb and say find a very good karate school- I'm partial to the Okinawan forms myself. Circular styles will help teach them to not meet force with force, and will also show them how to punch, shoot palm heel strikes, and do other things without getting them hurt.

I like judo, mainly because it will teach them to throw, and then give them an opportunity to get away. However, it is still based around sport, and still involves grappling... and I don't like the odds when a girl is grappling with a guy, no matter how big. And I still don't ever recommend BJJ for self defense, no matter what any asshole tells you.


ya actually im on boat with this 1 fellas im adopting my 2 step daughters (im 20 im an idiot i know) but i luv them theyre mine, last name or not! i dont want them competing necasrily (fuck u i know thats spelled wrong) but i know i want them 2 be able 2 defend themselves. my mother was raped and i dont want that for them IN THE LEAST.

Ive trained in military M.A. But my oldest is 2 so showin them how 2 SERIOUSLY fuck some1 up aint really age appropriate, I just want to get them intrested without scarin them ya know I thought Bjj For the same reason it the rape position. Im a first year dad and a 14 year martial artist...so ya its a major shot in the dark for me!


Better not focus too much on the discipline/style/type but rather enroll them into a good clean school with a good instructor aimed at teaching youngesters with age appropraite training timings, frequency, etc.. The style will mean jack if the instructor is no good. Any how, I wouldn't trust the women in my family with just any joe or jane smoe.

BTW: WRATHfight69 - You are only an idiot for calling yourself an idiot. If you are indeed taking the responsibility for the lives and well-being of two little ones whom have no proper daddy, well then you are being a responsible adult. Just be accountable and not abandon them too when the going gets rough... man-up as they say as that is a big decision.


I'm not a fan of karate myself, did that for 8 years into my teens but it didn't teach me much with regards to actually handling myself in a fight. Then again, my school was sport oriented, and we did a lot of point sparring with minimal protective gear. A karate/kickboxing school with contact sparring might be a better fit.

Being a BJJ man myself, I'll be one of the assholes Irish alludes to and say its good training for kids, self defense-wise. The emphasis on positioning and escapes does transfer over pretty well, though I'd try to find a school that does 'standup' wrestling as well.
That said, Judo is a good choice, as well as joining a wrestling program if you have one.


Age has a lot to do with what's best for them I think. If they're young, then most likely any type of karate/self-defense class will do so long as the instructor is good, that way they can become interested in the sport. Then when they get older, I would probably put them in some sort of judo/bjj class, as that's more practical, and also a basic self-defense class that isn't sport oriented and stresses the fight for your life mentality, and specifically tailored for women fending off male attackers.

And, in all honesty, most forms of sport/art oriented karate aren't entirely practical in real life situations, especially if it's guy vs girl, and the guy has the jump on her... But, to top it off, give them a couple cans of mace just as soon as you think she's responsible enough to use it... I would stress "a couple", since my girlfriend has two and can never seem to find one when she's going out and could potentially need it the most, just make sure they don't bring it to school and get charged for bringing a weapon...

Precaution and prevention go hand in hand... Can never be too prepared.


I think we need more information to give decent advice, as everyone has said it is very age-dependent. I'm not training at the moment but I have trained with girls in various styles, and I would say that one of the important things is not only the nature of the coaching but also the way your daughters approach the sessions. You do see a lot of girls seeming very uncomfortable in MA classes, not really engaging with it and half assing it. Donâ??t get me wrong, you see guys doing this too, but I think girls often feel defeated before they start. A combination of a good attitude and a good coach will get around this.

The most proficient female martial artists I have ever met were BJJ practitioners. BJJ levels the playing field in many respects, but this is not necessarily a good thing in a self defence situation- like one step sparring and light contact-continuous competition, it can breed false confidence. For this reason I would personally also avoid karate/taekwondo etc unless it is being delivered by a very, very good teacher, one who knows his stuff when it comes to self defence.

I think this thread needs Miss Parker to come and talk about Krav Maga. Sheâ??s a lovely lady, and Krav is all about self defence- thatâ??s who you need to hear from.


BJJ if they have a kids class or Judo. A kids Muay Thai class would be good, or maybe a mixed class which isnt a serious competitive Muay Thai club.


Yes, Krav Maga is great.


hungar kung fu dude, it takes a while to get down, but once the basics are down and they learn the principles of it no jackass bf is going to wanna mess with them or else they'll get a palm to the face.


I agree with FI26, look into Shohei-ryu or Uechi-ryu, Okinawan styles. Make sure you check out the school first and watch a full class or 2, there is a lot of garbage out there. Check this link,


it will show you sanctioned schools in the US for Shohei-ryu. If you are near one you can't go wrong with any of them.If your not very close, a school in your general area may be able to point you in the right direction.

(I studied under Walter E.Mattson, the first gentlman listed)





As a concerned father also, I have my oldest out there with me hitting the bag. I also tell her that if you are "man" enough to hit a male, then be prepared to get hit like a man. As far as martial arts, I would say Muay Tai. At least she can probably get the first strike and do some damage. If no Muay Tai, then go for boxing but teach her how to land some kicks to lower body.


Boxing,Judo,BJJ,Muay Thai,Kickboxing,Savate, catch wrestling, Some japanese jujitsu clubs and certain styles of Karate, aslong as the style has a certain amount of aliveness will leave them in good stead.

Martial arts that look flashy and promise alot usually fall short. Arts that fall into this are "generally" Taekwondo, Certain karate styles, Aikido, some japanese jujitsu, kempo, almost all kungfu styles


judo, bjj, boxing. no karate or tkd, they'll just get overpowered if the guy means shit. they need to be ready to actually make someone tap, or brake their arm, or kick them in the nuts and sprint.


This post is a sign of the times, and completely false.

Please don't give any more advice on this forum.