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Best Martial Art For Bullies


I made the title in jest mostly.

Most martial arts center around the idea of being able to defeat/mitigate the strengths of a stronger/larger opponent. As this is T-Nation,(I would hope) there are some stronger individuals on here.

What do you guys think the best martial art is for a stronger, larger practitioner who can reasonably expect to get in fights with those that are smaller and weaker than him? How do you play to your strengths when your strength is strength so to speak.

This could be looked at from a few angles:
1) You need to control an aggressive opponent without doing damage.
2) You need to defeat/control someone who is more skilled than you.
3) Just for fun: you just like picking on little shits..


WTF ? why do you wanna bully people ? thats just mean !


kick to the balls FTW


Denga da denga da deng !


Wrestling on all 3 points


wrestling, followed by judo. BJJ could also work here if you find a place that does standup.




boxing. If you know how to throw a punch properly and you are bigger than people and strong, you can reasonably expect to knock most people out. That being said, why the fuck are you wanting to fight people smaller than you.


Wait a minute. Bullies are pussies with issues. They talk a big game, then get stomped while being videotaped. Then we laugh at them.




ground fighting..........any



If you want the option to dominate without doing serious harm? Wrestling. Just bully and beat down? Boxing or Muay Thai.


Anything that breaks the rules in any martial art competition. They don't allow certain techniques for a reason. They're the ones that you want to use in a real fight for your life.


This is kind of a ridiculous thread, and I don't understand the point of it. A much bigger guy who boxes is going to hit harder, a much stronger guy who grapples will be that much harder to deal with. It's not fuckin rocket science.




A much stronger guy who grapples and aim for nut kicks will be that much harder to deal with.




where is that strip from?


im gonna say boxing muay thai (spelling?). In real world why take a small weak opponent to the ground? You just open yourself up to attacks from others from behind, the side, etc.