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Best Major for Becoming a Physiatrist?


I've recently decided that I want to be a physician and specialize in physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation). Intuitively it seems that kinesiology would be the ideal undergrad degree for this pursuit, but my school doesn't have a program and there aren't really any good ones in my state anyay so I've got to go with something different. Here's what I have narrowed it down to:

biology with a physiology option
mechanical engineering

I could also earn a minor and possibly even double major if the degrees are closely related enough.

Alternatively, I could take out an enourmous student loan on the order of $25K/yr and study kinesiology at an out of state institution.



your questions beget questions - what aspect of phys medicine do you want to go into? your opportunities range from pure rehab to prostehics. I say go for a biochemistry degree and get yourself invovled with teh NSCA and ISSn in order to get the kinesiolog you wish to learn.


I'm mostly interested in diagnosis and treatment of injuries. What's ISSN? Did you mean ISSA?