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Best Macro Ratio to Get Shredded?

So, for the first time in my life I want to get to 8-10% bodyfat. What macros ratios got u the best results?? Also which cardio and training got u the best results?? I would like to keep my strength and muscle mass as much as possible (well, thats pretty obvious hahah)

I’m not shredded (yet), but this guy is:


Thanks for the tag man… I’d be glad to help in any way I can just let me know bud

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Steak and eggs

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Always head about this… how this works?

As much steak and eggs as you want twice a day until shredded

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Yup, by the genius Vince Gironda. He was definitely ahead of his time, now everyone’s keto this, carnivore that today.

Exactly. Steak and eggs are still extremely effective. Too simple though. Everyone wants some super complicated bullshit

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Any veggies in that? Just steak and eggs would cement most people’s intestines shut and turn flatulence to mustard gas.

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There’s a video on youtube where the dude adds metamucil to mix.

I know it’s neither pure steak and eggs, or pure vertical diet, but adding the horizontal foods from the vertical diet to the steak eggs seems like a smart idea.

No need. Veges are grossly overrated as is fiber. Your gut and gut biome will adjust. I never had any issues at all.

There is no such thing as best macro ratio to get shredded. Besides ensuring your daily protein requirement is met, it really is as simple as calories in versus calories out. Eat a well balanced diet (includes fruits and veggies) that keeps you in a deficit and allows you to maintain compliance and you will get there.

There’s no need for fad diets, which includes a steak and eggs only diet. They can work but the issue becomes compliance along with missing out on whatever foods/macro is being deleted.

Fruits and vegetables are not necessary. Or maybe so in only a very trivial way.

Calories in / out is not exactly true. The body is a bit more complicated and nuanced than that.

Steak and eggs is hardly a “fad” diet. Been around for decades and has yielded incredible results.

I always do 100% on all three but to get lean cut the fat to maybe 85%

this does not sound correct

Protein 2-2.5g per kilogram if your not obese. Then fill rest of calories with foods that make you feel the best while staying at a deficit.

I don’t like cutting out or going extremely low on any macro. Leafy greens, avocados, a few berries, grass fed beef, hit 6-7 days of a 500-600 cal deficit, then when I’m really flat and stringy, one maintenance or slightly above day low fat moderate-high carb day

Says you

well i guess there’s no way to know, right