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Best Machine for HIIT Training?


well winter is almost here and ill be moving into a new home with more space,

anyone have any suggestions as to what would be the best machine i can buy for HIIT (not treadmill i hate them). would a simple exercise bike suffice?


a bike would be fine. id rather use a bike anyway due to my shin splints.

maybe you could try those farmers walks mentioned like 2 articles back.


oh and dont ever talk about winter again, ok?


An exercise bike is fine. If you have a decent yard or driveway, a weighted sled would be a good idea too.


I'd say an elliptical or step-machine over a bike, personally. I think bikes are great, but as far as HIIT is concerned, there's more potential on those two other machines.


Don't pussyfoot around with the ghey cardio machines - do farmers walks, hit a tyre with sledgehammer, pull a sled or car or truck or plane.


I pull planes everyday before breakfast. Then I use their jet fuel to flavor my oatmeal.


another vote for an exercise bike.


aight thanks peeps, i think ima go with an exercise bike and heavy dumbell farmers walks, since my starting budget for my basement gym will only be around 2 grand


The Tabata Protocol was originally performed on a stationary bike. Just saying, it can give a solid workout. But generally, I agree with the overall idea of sitting as little as possible in the gym.

And just to throw another option into the ring (horrible pun intended), a Wavemaster-type heavy bag is a killer home gym HIIT workout - Minimal space, full body workout, easily incorporates free weight or bodyweight intervals, requires minimal technical training, and fun as hell.


oo i might take a look at the wavemaster as well, ill have to see whats left on my budget at the end,

and ill be setting up a home gym, i usually workout 4-5 days a week and do HIIT 1-2 days a week outside not at the gym, but wont be able to sprint outside anymore pretty soon


What about a rower? That's what I'd get if I had the money. You get to sit but you working pretty much the entire body. Plus by sitting close to the ground you can puke in the bucket without having as hard of a time aiming.


ill be able to get a power rack, olympic bar + plates, benches, olympic dumbbell handles and more for the same price as id get a rower haha.

ill just stick to my dumbbell and barbell rowing


You're in Canada. Just buy a snow shovel.


You could always just use a flight of stairs and save some money, just an idea.


barbell rowing =/= rower...even a little bit...seriously...they're expensive, but have you ever used one? Best cardio machine hands down.


a couple of dumbbells...squat thrusts'll git r done


i dont really do cardio, and i doubt i would be able to avoid injury if i used rowing as HIIT,

and im 6'2 iv found shoveling snow kills my back lol

and i do intense squatting usually 2 times a week along with 2 vertical jump workouts a week (vertical jump bible), i really dont want to do more intense leg work


It reaaaally sounds like you've never seen a rower. This is what is being discussed http://www.concept2.com/us/indoorrowers/default.asp (granted, concept 2 is one of the pricier brands). If you think you would be prone to hurting yourself on one of these, you should probably avoid most movement all together. As far as cardio machines go, they are a) full body, b)as safe as it gets, c) fun and d) easy to develop skill on. Clearly you're not going to be convinced to go out and buy one, but lets clarify terms here.


im sorry my gym has 2 rowers and iv used then 3 times in total so you are perfectly correct i dont use them,

my point is i dont find them effective in getting my heart rate up as much as i want it for HIIT, i find it to be more of a consistent "cardio" exercise and thats NOT what im looking for, im not sure if you are familiar with what actual HIIT training is, and to go really hard on the rower for 10 seconds ( i dont think id be able to do that while maintainig proper for as i said) then go easier for 50 seconds doesnt sound like the best thing for me.

im usually used to doing sprint intervals, and going all out on high gear 10 seconds then slower for 40-50 seems much closer, i hope you understand where im coming from