Best Lower Body Training Strategies for my Body Type?

Hi coach,

first question, why is this for free???

this is an amazing video, thank you very much!

my main question. I would politely ask if it´s possible that you analyse my body type please but especially what torso length I have regarding to the rest of my body type.

Im 6.3 (193cm) and obviously I have “long” legs and long arms. Back in the day I was really skinny and lanky. I feel more comfortable with a wider squat stance, feet rotate out if that´s also important for you. I´m Neurotype 2b in my first test and neurotype 3 in my second test…

My goal is maximum leg AND especially glute development (still pancake ass). Is my torso length relevant for exercise selection or is it ok to select exercises from the long limb category because of my “long” legs?

Thank you very much

Honestly from that pic it’s hard to say. I would have to get an actual measurement of your limbs vs. your height.

You can look up this article, by my head coach, to learn how to do that and help you select the best exercise strategy.


thanks Coach! I appreciate the response

Coach, I have question about lower and regarding to yours Q&A 64.

Let say one could do only 2 exercise “hack sqaut” and “seated leg curls”.

Whats the strategy if these lifts stall and you “couldnt” swap/change for another variations? I understand progressing its not for ever and lineár but “if you want to build muscle you need to move more weight or more reps”.
Thank you