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Best Lower Back Exercise

I’m just wondering what is the best exercise relative to my goals that is out there, and hope you guys can help me out.

My goals-Bulletproof my lower back. I am a wrestler, and back injuries are both very common and very debilitating in the sport. I want none of these. This is priority 1

Goal 2- increase strength in my lower back (duh)

Relevant exercises I have done in the past-
Weighted reverse hypers- these feel the best and seem to add the most mass to my back. Just wondering if they are truly the best.

Romanian Deadlift-I know that doing these (with my BSS/ back squats) will give me the ass of a god, but they don’t hit the target area as well as the reverse hypers. (i think).

Regular deadlift-same as above.

Current bodyweight-194
lifts (no maxes as I usually lift alone)(weightXrepsXsets)

upper body day (twice per week)
Dumbell bench- 65eaX10X4
Lat Pulldown- 150X10X4 (I am currently working my way into replacing these with pullups)
Low Row-160x10x4
Dumbell military press 40eax10x4

Middle body day (twice per week)
full-contact twists 35x10x4
Cable crunches-125 (its all the stack has)x10x4
planks (until failurex4)
leg raise-20x4

Leg Day
Bulgarian Split Squats-70 (per hand)x10x4
Calf raise-forgot the weightx10x4
Leg Press-530 until failure
Leg extension-180x10x4

Personally, I think good mornings.

I favor doing them in the power rack with straight back. I’m not convinced it’s necessary to go tremendously deep. Even an angle of about 45 degrees, if the butt is pushed well back, is very effective. Most however do them deeper than that.

Seated GM’s are also good. The rack gives a nice safety benefit but many times I’ve done them off a bench press station (not the most convenient, but it can be made to work.) Again, personally I prefer an arched back, and going till the rib cage touches the thighs.

There are many other variants. For example the Westside powerlifters (and many other powerlifters) are big on good mornings, and have articles on the subject.

hmm. Never tried those. I will have to look up the form and give them a shot. thanks. any other ideas?

That combined with your other work really is covering the bases, I think.