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Best Looking Women

Umm… Link please to video of Michelle Jenneke racing in the rain.

This thread is starting to put me on edge.

I don’t know what Oceania is, but I like it.


This thread makes me Sooooooooooo happy!!


Glad I could put a smile on your face, Edge Brotha.

And Peninsula Brotha

Haha you aren’t kidding. I watched the entire thing and then realized I just spent 15 minutes watching pole vaulting, what am I doing. #65 is incredible. Thanks for the heads up next time I see it in the cable guide I’m all over it.

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Vault chicks may be the best looking women but there’s another thing they are the best at. They’re the best at saying “Fuck You!”

Take this vault chick, Chinne Okoronkwo, for instance Two more days until I get to rep the double T 🖤

Wisconsin wouldn’t let her pole vault so she transferred to Texas Tech out of frustration. She waisted no time in her first indoor season, which is really more of a pre-season, by vaulting 14’2. She also set a personal best in the Triple Jump of just a hair under 44 feet (which is freakishly good).

In other words, without even moving her lips, Chinne shouted FUCK YOU to Wisconsin loud enough for everyone between Lubbock and Madison to hear.


Y’all shoulda kept this thread going. It was going pretty good.

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I like my women like I like my roads:


This thread is so good that I’m subconsciously thinking off taking up pole vaulting.


Somewhere isolated and buried in the countryside?

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What about beach volleyball?




Imma FAN!!

Volleyball players are like High Jumpers. There’s a lot there that I like but just not quite the complete package. Also, for every Yulia Levchenko, you’ve got to wade through a bunch of dogs to get to a Yulia. You don’t have to do that with vault girls.

Don’t worry, of course I’ll treat you to Yulia!

FML. Girls didn’t vault back when I vaulted.


Dude, I dated a 6 foot volleyball girl years back (I’m 6’4, height is no problem), and she had the tiniest waist and bubbliest butt of all time. Volleyball girls are smokin, and volleyball booty shorts are a gift from god.


I see your 6 foot ex and raise you a lovely 6’4 woman who ended up playing volleyball for kentucky. Absolutely smoking, and utterly emasculating standing next to my 5’10 self in a pair of stilettos for High School freshman homecoming…