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Best Looking Women

It’s official, the best looking women in the world are pole vaulters.

The thing is, while this video is of an Italian meet, it could have been any meet. Swedish, Polish, Greek, some US college meet, it wouldn’t matter.

The girl who wins this one is


Are you sure it’s not the pole getting your motor running?


Is that your way of saying those girls don’t suit your taste?

That one in the powder blue shorts that does the thing with her head.

She’s dreamy.

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Old news.

Pole vaulters, 400m & 800m track runners, and some high jumpers.


Don’t leave out Long and Triple Jumpers. I can watch Youtube of elite jumpers all day. But at the end of the day, I’ll take the vault girls.

Yeah, her and a few other I would say the same thing I said of the winner. So fucking hot. I basically think all of them are beautiful except for the butch one toward the end. What’s that, 11 out of 12?

The girl at the 3:00 mark. Couldn’t stop lol’ing.

Was that the one falling into the box? I couldn’t help but laugh either. It was like she got sucked right in.

Bad joke. But I’ve liked pole girls since back in the Allison Stokke days.

Side note: I went to search for an image of her, I accidentally dragged my thumb across my phone and it autocorrected to “bbc”. I fixed it before I Googled but I feel that was a sign.


You know the way ma bruddah

haha same here and the one in the first minute who ran down and threw her pole under and ran on. Hilariously useless.

I thought this was going to be a thread all about mixed race chicks

Maybe it should have been vault chicks around the world. Sweden has arguably the cutest elite vaulter in Angelica Bengsten

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And arguably the hottest

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The Kiwi’s have the most adorable

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Canada can make an argument for the hottest

I’m going with our home grown southern girl, Sandi Morris. She’s drop dead gorgeous and simply the most dynamic female vaulter in the world. In 2016, after the olympics, she would have broken the world record if she had just had a few more meets with good conditions.

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My first two girlfriends I met through martial arts… I should have made a habit of that.

Only reason to go to Australia.