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Best lighting for before/after pics?

I am in the process of taking my baseline measurements and before pics for the Methoxy test. I know absolutely nothing about photography and consequently can not seem to get any decent pics with my digital camera.

So, I am hoping some of you photography savants can provide a few basic tips on how to get good pics.

Currently, the biggest problem I have is the flash washing me out. The other extreme is without the flash, the pictures are coming out without any contrast. I am guessing that proper background colors and lighting postions will help. However, I don’t know what those are…

It’s pretty simple. Just have one incadescent omnidirectional light far in front of you. This will lend the room light for the camera etc. Then take a directional light (desk lamp?), and place it on the ground or on a shelf about 30 degrees out in front of you. Turn the flash off, it destroys the shadow effect that makes you look “impressive”. Get someone to watch you turn facing the directional light to achieve the most “impressive” appearance. Then strike some poses and shoot. These are the basics; just play with it. It also helps to get a good pump before shooting. Try doing some rapid crunches and push-ups.

Also, please make sure to do them in the same way! It’s possible for absolutely no improvement to look like dramatic improvement in photos, and perhaps vice versa as well.

I’ve only once tried before photos
for myself, and as you and Harkonnen said, front flash is a disaster. I was pretty lean for the before picture, around 7% or perhaps 6.5%, and particularly on the upper body there were a lot of places striations were very obvious even in a mirror way across the room. But in the photo
I was absolutely smooth, zero definition whatsoever. Even just cuts completely vanished, let alone striations. Other than general contour of
the waist and so forth, I looked smooth enough that you’d think I was 15% bf or even more. So the front flash is a disaster.

Of course, for an ad campaign, do the “before” picture that way, and that’s a free
“loss” of 8% bodyfat you can claim! :slight_smile: